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  1. Awareness

    Thanks Xuesheng, I find your input very helpful. Good questions too.
  2. Awareness

    Ive been a Vipassina practioner for years. Recently I'm having more of a sense of the Awareness thats holding all fourm,thoughts,emotions. I came to realize its always there no matter the mood or situation. I also remember a teaching regarding "Just try not to be Aware" Later explaining that this is not possible because you are this Awareness. Any thoughts? What about sleeping and day dreaming? Trillium
  3. Hello

    Hello thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to seeing you all on the fourms. Trillium
  4. Hello

    I've been a Vipassana practitioner for 10 years and am interested in connecting with people about their path and experiences. I've had some bad experiences with silent retreats in the past few years and think this may be coming to an end for me. I find this very painful because who I am has been so transformed through the practice, and, to me there is nothing more beautiful than sacred silence. I find my practice more and more in surrendering to the present moment. Weather at work or with my kids saying yes to things that "you" don't like or want is quite a practice. I also have a strong devotional practice with Ramana Maharishi. Peace, Trillium