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  1. (possibly) front channel block

    At this moment, some weeks I do it a few times, some weeks I do not do it at all. I have had long periods of not indulging in any sensual pleasure (including masturbating) for a few months. My I ask what is behind your question?
  2. Dear friends, I have been meditating for 4,5 years. After my first Vipassana 10-days session a year ago I have been experiencing energy-like phenomena that I did not know of before. Symptoms include the following and were present for some time, some were absent for a while and came up again: - Spontainous jerks in different parts of the body - Long periods of vivid and/or lucid dreaming - Long periods of waking up at a certain time during the night - Periods of waking up very energetic with only 5-6 hours of sleep needed - Periods of waking up tired, even after 8 hours of sleep - Feeling of energetic movement in the crown area - Sometimes feeling hot energy in the body, from spine to crown, sometimes cold energy Now I have been riding along this energy and have been enjoying it for a while. However, since my second Vipassana retreat last December the energy has been builiding up in my head very much. It came to a point in which I could not concentrate and felt disconnected with everything and everybody around me. When I did research on my symptoms I ran into "kundalini" and have been reading into that since then. My diagnose is that this is a "front channel block". From research I have succesfully followed two pieces of advice: 1) stop meditating, 2) practice spinal breathing with dialated throat. Both of these have helped to some extent. But the energy is still not flowing freely and often builds up, making me loose touch with myself, creating brain fog, heavy fatigue, loss of concentration, difficulty falling asleep, loss of creativity, slow and inefficiënt verbal communication, etc. etc. etc. I am dying to find methods to enable this energy to move freely through my body. First since when this energy builds up in my head, I am not able to be as loving, kind, and clear minded as I use to be. Second, currently I am leading a wonderful team in a tech-startup and really need my old social, productive, and creative me back, which is absent at this moment and this affects the jobs of my colleagues and me. So long story short: I suspect to have a front channel block that disables me to live my life fully and would love to get to know tips and advise to cope with the blockage. I would love to hear from those that have been in this situation and can point me towards a solution that would make everybody happy. Books, videos, practices, trainers, all is welcome. With love, Masi
  3. Hi

    Hi friends, I'm Masi, a 24 year old meditation practicioner from the Netherlands. I've been practicing some of Mantak Chia's methods for a few months. My direct motivation to join this forum is due to some energy-related symptomps on which I am seeking advice. Hope to meet as many as you. Kind regards, Masi