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    My name is Rokomo. Today I wasted to much energy, and I was feeling all tired and lacking in concentration power. I googled sperm and sexual energy and I some how found myself to this site via a comment on an article about sexual energy transmutation. I need to get better at controlling these urges. I feel that the powers that rule the world want to keep a large majority of men docile and weak through practice of ejaculating that life force. I do not know how to stop... I have tried countless times, but I just end up doing it again.... It is an addiction that eats away my soul. Sigh... will try again! I don't know how, but it is always waiting for me in the corner even when I feel safe. Right now I lack creative brain fluid to even write an interesting post. Sorry guys. Right now I am in the state below thought called, being "SPACED OUT", but I will try to right a interesting short biography. I do not know who I am. I have given up trying to form an identity. I just know that I am the awareness that perceives reality from a limited perspective, and who I am is just undefinable. I don't mind what happens in life. It happens and I try not to react to emotionally to it. I do not have a close group of friends, and am bit of a loner, but I don't mind. I am trying qigong, meditation, and listening to binaural beats. Anyways if you have more questions please ask.