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    Hello to you all! I have been reading Tao Bums on and off for a few years, and generally find it interesting and informative. Having dipped my toe into QiGong on and off for the last 10 years as well as doing TaiChi for 3 years, Im now looking to find a safe effective, recognised online practice that I can supplement with physical teachers if and when I come across them. I am aware of the 'glamorous' side of QiGong and its tendency to attract Snake Oil and would greatfully accept any good common sense, experience that helps me to avoid this and to navigate the many claims made to Mastery in this subject. I understand that it is unregulated and the problems and traps this can lead to. I am also looking for A Qi Gong foundation/group that proposes some kind of regulation and guidelines to avoid exploitation and potentially dangerous or ineffective practises. looking forward to fruitful exchanges. All the best sausage