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  1. Any advice on kundalini yoga experience?

    Thanks for the reply. I don't know her well enough yet but it was definitely a different experience to normal pins and needles. I also had it today when I was lieing down for a tibetan bowl meditation and there was no constriction although the feeling wasn't as intense.
  2. Hi guys, For anyone who's done kundalini yoga, I was hoping to get some feedback. I noticed several times my feet would begin to massively tingle like pins and needles but maybe not as 'prickly'. I'd sit with it but because I was sitting on my heels I assumed I was cutting the circulation so I would stop and get off my feet to let the blood recirculate. I did notice though that when I did this the sensation went away within 1-2 seconds which is not normally the case when your foot 'falls asleep'. I also noticed when my arms were above my head that this would happen, and I assumed because the shoulders move in towards the neck that this was restricting the blood flow. The yoga teacher advised me that this was pretty normal and was actually just the energy moving in my body from the kundalini yoga practices I was doing. Has anyone had or has heard about this experience? Oh and I sit on my foot constantly at home and the worst thing that happens is the top of it goes a bit numb, but I don't normally get pins and needles. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, This forum seems to be one of the more popular ones out there, and looking forward to learning from some people who are more experienced than me Currently getting a feel for sexual energy and working on accessing my masculine sexual presence that I've repressed for most of my life. Thanks