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  1. Any advice on kundalini yoga experience?

    Thanks for the reply. I don't know her well enough yet but it was definitely a different experience to normal pins and needles. I also had it today when I was lieing down for a tibetan bowl meditation and there was no constriction although the feeling wasn't as intense.
  2. Hi guys, For anyone who's done kundalini yoga, I was hoping to get some feedback. I noticed several times my feet would begin to massively tingle like pins and needles but maybe not as 'prickly'. I'd sit with it but because I was sitting on my heels I assumed I was cutting the circulation so I would stop and get off my feet to let the blood recirculate. I did notice though that when I did this the sensation went away within 1-2 seconds which is not normally the case when your foot 'falls asleep'. I also noticed when my arms were above my head that this would happen, and I assumed because the shoulders move in towards the neck that this was restricting the blood flow. The yoga teacher advised me that this was pretty normal and was actually just the energy moving in my body from the kundalini yoga practices I was doing. Has anyone had or has heard about this experience? Oh and I sit on my foot constantly at home and the worst thing that happens is the top of it goes a bit numb, but I don't normally get pins and needles. Thanks!
  3. Wanting to cultivate sexual energy/presence

    Thanks OldChi, will take a look at the website. I attended my first kundalini yoga class. It was good, but had the strange sensation of really intense pins and needles which I assumed was because I was sitting on my feet, or my arms were up high and I have tightish shoulders. Apparently it's part of the process. Shen-Joy, yep I was already aware of the concept of working with weights but I disagree that they really give body sensation, at least that's been my experience. @ Creation, thanks yeah. Yeah I'm working on both masculine and sexual energy although I think combine together they become one. Yeah I'm working on being more attractive. Why do you say to forget kundalini? Wouldn't kundalini work through the blockages that would be preventing the energy from being accessed? I'll definitely look into xing yi. What does it actually accomplish? Does it work to cultivate more masculine energy? When it comes to energy work, I believe the mind is able to know what's good or bad for us. At least if we pay attention to what occurs after and during the energy work. I always sit back and listen to my body's reaction afterwards to make sure it feels right. But if we look around us we're being energetically affected by everything. There's energy waves all around us, we eat food that's mollecularly changed by energy, we use phones all the time, etc. I don't do the balls to solar plexus, but I do the spinal breathing where you imagine a white ball of light move up and down the spine with the breath. I do 5 breaths then sit back and feel what happens. So far I've felt nothing but blissful sensations. What i notice with the spinal breath is that I feel waves of blissful sensation go through my body, the other day I noticed really strong but blissful sensation in my calves (which i've never experienced before), several times when I noticed an attractive women I felt what can only be described as full-body attraction, not my usual non-feeling but thinking about my attraction and not the typical pelvis-restricted feelings most men get. I'm noticing occasional extended eye contact with women. Also wanted to clarify that being more attractive is my current goal, yet I know that the practices I'm doing are an ongoing practice, not a do-it-until-I-get-my-goal, and then stop. I enjoy all the changes that spring forth on this journey. I also daily grounding practices to ensure the energy work I'm doing is being balanced.
  4. Wanting to cultivate sexual energy/presence

    I guess it depends on the definition of trying to force something. I think by doing practices that cultivate or change, then this isn't forcing unless you don't listen to your body. I also agree with steady practice, which was always my intention. I was never looking for a one time practice to make everything happen. To be honest egotistical stuff doesn't really phase me at least in terms of practices. I workout several times a week and my strength is through the roof compared to when I started 6 months ago. I don't think we ever let go of our desires, but I believe we change the way we perceive them. Meaning that a person who sees a woman and 'must' have her or 'must' do things correct compared to a guy who thinks this could be yummy. Funny story that, this exact thought popped into my head today when I saw a cute girl. Whereas I would normally be worried what people might think of me if I desired her. The other thing I noticed today was twice women held my eye contact longer than usual. I don't really believe personally in just letting things unfold. However I get the jump in the fire metaphor. I do this to an extent, however my fire is doused by the hidden stuff. When I see a cute girl at the bar I can go and say hi but I can't control the automatic subconscious actions and processes that result in that fire being doused. Something fascinating happened today. I was lying down listening to a sensual awareness meditation. And right at the end something happened that has never happened to me. My head kind of tilted to the right, then suddenly the muscles in the back of my neck gave in and my head literally dropped into the pillow. It felt way, way deeper release than I've ever had in any meditation. I've added malasana which is a pose for opening up the hips. And short bursts of spinal breathing. I started guiding my hands up and down my body to get better at seeing and moving the ball of white light. It's amazing. After 5 breaths I feel more alive. I did 5 minutes of the tree pose, and 2 minutes each side of the san ti pose. Which was 30 seconds per side more than yesterday.
  5. Wanting to cultivate sexual energy/presence

    Thanks Bearded Dragon, I'll look into that. So are you saying that I'm better doing internal . I've looked at the stories previously of kundalini, and I'm not planning on going hardcore with it. I assumed it would be something that you could do in small doses, and back off if it gets too much? Most of my practices I do for short periods and I guage the results to make sure I'm not going too deep too soon. As an example I was doing some work and one day I woke up in this foggy half asleep half awake dream where I was in an argument with someone I work with. Now neither myself or this person are argumentative. But when I woke up completely I was totally at peace. I assumed that was something that got brought up and dealt with and I dropped the practices for a couple of days to be sure. Based on what you've written, perhaps my idea or view of the path I need to be on is wrong? Guys who have that vibe of being alive, sexy, present are generally in this state constantly, or rather, it's their default and as life is unpredictable they will occasionally deviate but always come back to that state. I assumed this was the behaviours, actions, thoughts, and energy caused by a guy who is is in steady acceptance and contact with his sexual energy. Or is it something else entirely? When you speak of accepting myself, I struggle with this concept. For the parts of me I'm in touch with I accept them fully. It's the stuff under the surface that I don't have access to for whatever reason. My subconscious does a great job of 'dealing' with it which was what I meant by burning through blockages. Bringing it to the surface gradually so I can deal with it. If I wanted to do kundalini work, is it better to go to a kundalini yoga class if I can find one in my area? Will the internal martial arts practices do the same thing but on a more gradual level? And can that work towards that magnetism I described? I can definitely see it adding power and reducing the mental chatter. The energy stuff also really intrigues me still, so if yourself or anyone has experience in it, I'd love some ideas on how to step gradually into it. That's why when I do breath work or stretches I only do them for a short period of time to build up. Thanks heaps!
  6. Hi all, Man, there's some amazing stuff and people on this forum, if the posts are anything to go by I recently started getting into yoga for my hips to try and unblock my sexual energy, which then led me to discovering kundalini and tantra which interested me even more. Ultimately I'm wanting to unlock and access my sexual masculine energy/presence. To be that guy that radiates attraction. I know I've spent most of my life repressing my sexuality and my masculinity, so I'm interested in reacquainting myself with this aspect of myself. Currently I spend 10-15 minutes on yogic stretching of my hips and shoulders. I do a few minutes of breathing into my balls and brining that energy into my solar plexus (dan tien?). I also do a couple of practices sporadicaly like iron crotch, a minute of fire breath which is then followed by one exhale then flutter the stomach muscles, and I do that for probably 10 exhales. What are some of the best practices to get into? I've also been eyeing off qi gong although I don't know much about it. I do 5 minutes a day of the standing tree pose although I'm not 100% sure on what that does. I was doing an exercise of rotating the hips while sitting cross legged and I felt an incredible feeling all through my upper chest like a feeling that kept rippling through my chest making me laugh uncontrollably. This would appear every 5 minutes or so for about half an hour. I realized recently just how much I restrict this raw, sexual, magnetic, masculine side of my personality which makes be boring and predictable to women. Plus the rare moments when I am in touch with this side of me feel more real, more juicy, more alive. A female friend described this kind of guy as alive, and sexy, and present. I also want to use this sexual energy to burn through any mental and energetic blockages I have. Looking forward to continuing this journey Thanks for any advice you can offer! Maggz
  7. Hi all, This forum seems to be one of the more popular ones out there, and looking forward to learning from some people who are more experienced than me Currently getting a feel for sexual energy and working on accessing my masculine sexual presence that I've repressed for most of my life. Thanks