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  1. Hello! Atheist, Skeptic & Open Minded Here:)

    Hello Satya, I like and very much agree with the comments in your post. Thanks for sharing your references on books and sites. Regards, Millou.
  2. Hello everyone - I need help!

    Hello Brian, (nice name by the way) Well to put it frankly, the subject of this forum is not my "cup of tea", but it was the only option I had to be able to seek help within your knowledgeable members. Being dislexic it is very difficult for me to read fast which makes me lose interest in the subject even if I am quite curious by nature. For that reason I try not to become member of any forum unless I really have to. I got to this forum from the comments under a YT video demonstrating the "Yuen method" which intrigued me greatly. Thus, after reading through the posts I found some of the more "vocal" and eager to help members of the "Health thread" and I wanted to ask for their help, but knowing that I could not be of any help in this domain, I would not be a very profitable member for this forum. So, I am sorry for not being clearer in my first attempt to describe myself and now you have the proof that at this point in time, I am not mentally, all here. I hope my answer is satisfactory, if not please feel free to let me know and it will be my pleasure to reply to the best of my knwledge. Thank you for being curious and thanks to Admin. to accept me even if I'm not wordy Regards, Millou.
  3. Hello everyone - I need help!

    Thank you Chang & TBT, for your warm welcome to your forum and I will do my very best to apply your "code of conduct" by acting respectful and in a positive manner. Regards, Millou.
  4. Hello everyone - I need help!

    Hello everyone, I might disappoint some of the Admin people here, but it was the only way that I could seek your members help. And Yes, I red all the pinned posts... I've red all the posts in the thread about "Chinese energetic: Yuen method", and I found some very knowledgeable people there that could be of great help to my situation, like "Clarity" and "Chris", to name a few. The exchange in that thread kind of died down, so I have no idea if there is a continuation on the subject on some other threads. I'll keep looking. Concerning who I am: like 7billion+ people, just a ball of misalign energy due to our "common knowledge", blindly accepted credentials from the medical and greedy "Pharma", and bad life decisions. Later on, I might come back to elaborate, who knows anything is possible. Best regards to you all, Millou