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  1. Befriending Money

    Just an idea...if the majority of the planet, or say even half un-friended money, just think...
  2. Unnatural Humans

    The dictionary is already on your side, Protector. "the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations" I completely disagree with this definition, though. We are very much a part of nature, as much as anything else is. I see nature as everything that is in the universe, personally. How could we possibly be separate? A modern city is as natural as a birds nest. We may not be the best evolved species on the planet, not by a long shot. We have a really hard time hitting that "sweet spot", but hey, such is the burden of being the first seeds of the universe being sentiently aware on this plane in this neck of the galactic woods.
  3. Befriending Money

    I've been thinking about this thread for the past few days now since I first saw it. I only read the first couple of posts (there's just too much intense information on this forum, aaaah. it'll take me a while to get used to ), but it's a very interesting idea indeed. Living in such an anti-capitalist hot spot like Berlin and being an extremely staunch hater of capitalism myself I find it hard to imagine I could find a way to befriend money in a way that didn't compromise my beliefs. But, damn I've been trying to, haha. Being poor sucks sometimes. Feel like I'm stuck near the ending of SLC Punk, or something.
  4. Tantra Yoga Video

    I’ve never done any formal tantra practice, but I kinda stumbled upon this kinda stuff in my sex life. With one partner, we were so connected I could make her orgasm with thought alone. Sometimes if we'd had a pretty intense session, even from miles away for the next couple of days. I would have to make a concerted effort to think about something else when she was at work, so that she wouldn't have problems standing .
  5. Fear of death leads to an early death

    I'm not saying fear can't be self-fulfilling, especially if it becomes all consuming. Just that it isn't always, or even most of the time. Obviously. Otherwise there would be a TON more plane crashes in this world.
  6. Fear of death leads to an early death

    I dunno. I used to dream a lot about being being eaten by animals as a child. It never happened. I've had some pretty violent things happen to me, people trying to take my life. Definitely have PTSD from it. I don't think my irrational fear of death, which isn't so irrational after all considering the circumstances, is going to cause me to have an early death. Smoking and coffee and eating like shit and living in this "society" on the other hand, well that just might. But, we all know that already.
  7. Robin Williams dead at 63

    great quote from Robin: "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."
  8. Hello! Atheist, Skeptic & Open Minded Here:)

    Hey SFranger, welcome fellow newbie. I'm an atheist skeptic myself. Even though I've had plenty of experiences that others might deem mystical (out of body, clairvoyance telepathy, astral travel etc) I just don't see the need to define it terms that relate to deities. Obviously, a lot of folks, some of my friends included, believe they are in communication with otherworldly entities. And, I'm not going to diss their perspectives for a moment. It's all about what works best for you, eh. My own belief, so far, is that consciousness is a singular, global phenomenon across the universe. We're all just facets of it. So, while on our plane of existence, this 4 dimensional thing we call reality, it may seem there's a separation between individuals, and thus that there are higher forms of consciousness in the ether, I think it's really just manifestations of ourselves. That said, thinking of things in terms of familiars or spirits or entities can be quite enchanting and fun, and there's nothing wrong with it. So long as one realizes that that the power they have comes from within us, not from outside us.
  9. I'm on a pretty big honesty kick at the moment. And, I guess I'm not a typical psi-vamp anyhow. I always try and see drawing energy as a cyclical process and have never wanted to drain anyone. I guess there sure are others out there that would. I try not to associate with them. At the same time, I've got a pretty huge need for large amounts of tantric energy to stay sane. Luckily I don't have any shortage of lovers at the moment. I love your sig Brian, that's one of my fav quotes ever. Never saw the twlight films, Grandmaster P. Though, I definitely do see vampirism as somewhat of culture bound syndrome. My understanding of it on an energetic level rather than psychological, is simply that we are born with a deficient or leaky energy body, and thus need to constantly replenish our chi from external sources.Though, who knows? That said, I'm all for breaking the curse if it's possible. It's can be a rather time consuming affair trying to quench my thirst. thanks for the warm welcome, guys! on an admin note, i've tried to edit my profile, but it wouldn't seem to let me. do I just have to wait until i've made more posts, or what? until then: i'm 32 and a dude, originally from the states but now living in Berlin, Germany. I'm a bass player and I enjoy video games.
  10. ...among other things. Just stumbled upon this forum when I was looking for more info about Elemental energy. I've been getting more in tune with it lately, and want to avoid any problems. I'm a psychic vampire and have quite a bit of experience with energy work in general. But, lately I've been feeling elemental energy more strongly, especially earth. I want to gain more understanding before I get overwhelmed. This seems like a really awesome place and I'm looking forward to getting to know some cool folks. <3