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  1. Inaction vs. Passivity

    "The Essence Of Tao by Pamela Ball" is an interesting overall view of tao. Also, "the Tao of Pooh" and "The Te of Piglet", by Benjamin Hoff, are nice starter books about Tao.
  2. Use what pertains to you and walk your own path.
  3. Belly breathing and anxiety questions

    Some other possibilities which may, or may not, have been explored: Eliminating from diet: caffeine sugar (particularly sucrose and glucose) saturated fats Ensuring in diet: sufficient fibre enough water fruit/vegetable intake When meditating, how long is one breath cycle (in/out) for you? Slowing down the breath, without causing stress or strain, decreases the heart rate. Being over active, taking on too much, and living in a constant state of being rushed, also contributes to anxiety and insomnia.
  4. Learning qigong on my own

    Sifu Terry Dunn offers an excellent series on Flying Phoenix Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan on DVD. http://www.taichimania.com/videos.html
  5. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    Hopefully this adventure will continue <???>
  6. Taking things for granted

    This was a very enjoyable, and reflective, read. Thank-you. As adults, if we seek the child within, we will also be as pliable and free.
  7. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    if not PST (USA & Canada) then attendance - 1
  8. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    Robb, Canada
  9. "A high place one hundred, one thousand feet high begins from under your feet" ~Te-Tao Ching 64

  10. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    Robb, Canada
  11. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    If the session was utilizing the "sand dune time" principle, count me in, however, for example, a preparatory meditation, such as the second seated meditation in Vol. 2, would take me about twenty minutes to complete (two minutes up and two minutes down).
  12. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    Sand dune speed.
  13. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    The group experience would be interesting, however around here there are no classes for Flying Phoenix Chi Kung. Several years ago my training started with shorter training times, much the speeds that are show on this thread, but as my experience compiled, the inward feel is to progressively move slower. That being mentioned, it may be something to move through one of these routines that are listed here, so that the overall experience can be met and analysed. This is not to say, one way or the other, about what is correct or incorrect, but to try and establish some knowledge with other experienced practitioners.
  14. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    The times listed must be performed a little quicker that what is shown on the DVD's. Including breath sequence, the MSW meditations normally take thirty to forty minutes for me to complete the seven repetitions. Are you finding positive results at these speeds?
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