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  1. Why do you say "school"?

    Yes, he made lot of faults: Again a funny attempt to hide from answering..
  2. How to cultivate without methods

    Why it is so difficult to answer "an easy question" and "give up the feeling of hostility" first? In another topic my message was deleted by "Taoist Texts", so any "communitarian" cannot be possible... You're speaking about manners, however Astral Monk was obviously honest and open. All these just looks rude and like the only goal is to escape answering easy questions. Do you teach your students the same way? Instead of telling them what is houtian bagua, you lecture them on manners? This way it's hard to keep any students.
  3. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    That's completely irrelevant to the current discussion. Have you even read it?
  4. Liu Huayang

    Too many claims and no single answer. If you are a teacher, could you please answer a question about houtian bagua?
  5. What is the problem about Wu Liu?

    So if you opened it, could you please tell us where is it located?
  6. Why do you say "school"?

    So you are speaking for the whole forum having written 49 posts here? And you tell us that we have a superiority complex
  7. Liu Huayang

    Should be quite obvious for anyone interested in neidan. All Patriarchs state that one needs a Teacher.
  8. Why do you say "school"?

    really weird to see such posts on a Daoist forum. It shows very clear who is behind them.
  9. Learning from Immortals

    Okay. I've carefully read the moderators log about what is treated as insults for opendao case, so let's keep the same rules anywhere and for anyone.
  10. Learning from Immortals

    I reported about your insults here. OpenDao will reply, if he finds it necessary, when he will be able to do it. So far you can think who his words were addressed to. But they understood him already, so I see no point to continue. What you wrote about Wu-Liu Pai we are going to comment later as well. And your attitude really contrasts with the attitude of Effilang, I hope he doesn't like such bold advertising too.
  11. Why do you say "school"?

    Does "Taoist Texts" also consider all Daoist Patriarchs, who wrote in Daozang about the necessity of a Teacher, to be liars?
  12. Why do you say "school"?

    Ah, I wonder how can anyone take seriously someone who mumbles this kind of delirious mumbo jumbo.
  13. Why do you say "school"?

    The truth is, you know nothing about neidan and Wuliupai methods in particular, and even can't understand what's actually written in Wuliupai texts. How do you think what is written here about 意? 1) 答曰:武火摄归者,乃呼吸之气,摄真炁归源,而又离不得真意之为主宰矣。 2) 既照则忘形忘意,但用意即是不忘,但忘即不能以意照之,心无不存之谓照,欲无不泯之谓志,忘与照,一而二,二而一,当忘之时,其心湛然,未常不照,当照之时,丝毫不立。 3) 即我之真意,使二炁转运机耳。
  14. Immortality in Daoist Alchemy

    I understand that this question is important for you (and everyone else), but as I said, neidan systems don't give a clear answer. In theory, yes, you can improve your fate from one incarnation to another. But neidan systems don't give any recommendations on how to achieve this. You probably can try following Buddhist recommendations, since Buddhism has much better developed system of improving your incarnation conditions. BR
  15. Immortality in Daoist Alchemy

    Hi Bluemind, Basically, neidan systems only say that an ordinary man becomes a ‘gui’ (ghost). Everything else (i.e. what happens with guis, etc) is beyond the sphere of interest of neidan, since its ultimate goal is to prevent this scenario. But Daoism in the wide sense shares more or less the same views as Buddhism on this question. I.e. the soul is caught into the death/rebirth cycle, having in mind that chances to reborn in the lower spheres are much higher than to become a human again. BR