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  1. So are you really in the land of watches? Why else would you be awake at this hour?

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    2. whitesilk


      I'm in the great lakes area of mid America, can you purchase our sweet creme there?

    3. Michael Sternbach

      Michael Sternbach

      Whitesilk, in reply to your question... There is actually no telling at what hour you would find me awake, as I love to read and to write in the middle of the night when the world is quiet. But yes, I live in Switzerland.

    4. Michael Sternbach

      Michael Sternbach

      And no, we haven't had any discussion so far, and quite frankly, I would prefer to leave it that way, because of the crap you posted in Ilumairen's topic earlier today. Especially the BS about Lesbians really sucked.