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  1. how so ? Intelligence is the ability in seeing differences and similarities between one or more objects. Im very very able and I dont mind saying so . You can look at what Ive said in a negative manner . Or positive . The choice is yours . I see yin attributes in others too male or female. Your statement is very negative but that doesn't surprise me as Ive got to know you guys better A person male or female will tend to be negative and can be considered Negative based on the negative comments tjhey mkae on the forums Same with positive people. The Yin types will chime in and say NA or try to make less of a person while the ying types will chime in and say positive things ? DO you even see this SC?
  2. a sticky icky fatty pregnant guppy ? Thanks Brian . I don't smoke it, I pass it and I don't drink but I have . Ive been there and done it all . I dont hurt people but I have , theres alot that I have done and do not do now . Questions and comments ? Lets stay on the subject Hat is yang and what is yin. Unless youd like to share your experiences with it briefly but if not ? lets move on .
  3. Brian lets take a look at the atom Im trying to help you Bro I have this thing called love and I cant let go. Its positve + proton and negative - Nutron together they generate and electron Yang+> electron+ - electron<-Yin Its a generator created by life the creator of all things who made them both . Its the basis from which all things are derived in the universe. The center of the universe is the biggest Proton in the universe and the black matter is the nutrins they we can not see . We can only see the effects of the two interacting with each other. The electron has both yang and yin energy and generates matter and sensations It looks like this on paper Yang proton + >matter> energy>sensation+><- sensation<energy<matter< - Nutron Yin When our dark star ( nutron ) gets close to its Proton Sun , it wont touch ( no two things can touch ) it just gets close , so when the dark start gets close to our sun that we see every day . together , they will generate both positive and negaitve energy and matter and sensations. The so called rapture is simple all the negative nutronic people becomming invisabel and while the positive Protron folks like me become brighter. Im stainy on the planet and living in + 5d while the nutron folks are going into the darkness of - 5d Yang attracts yang and yin attracts yin . we have both of it in use but some have more of each one . These people tend to take on a negative personality while the positive folks take on a positive personality . Like touching two poles of a battery ( anaolgy ) I know and you know a battery is not a large atom . ( True dat bro ) but the same prinicplas are in place. If you examine a car battery closely youll find some from of protons and Nutrons in it some place and lots of them . When the battery goes dead , its a matter of using up the Nutrons and protrons. It literally dies just like a life form dies. Its used up all of its protrons and nutrons. I have zero Physics education other than bits and pieces Ive noticed in my 57 years but thats not what this thread is about . Its about knowing whats yang and whats yin . Knowing the difference will make your life better off . Not knowint the difference will make your life miserable . What kind of life do you prefer to live Are you here on this forums to detract or to add ? Im here to add , to help , to laugh and to smile, to understand and help others understand. Our twin start IS on its way and there is nothing anyone can do about it . Only life ther creator can do soemthing about it . Life and Me are broskis. we are both positives . Positive people do posotve things and when life created the universe , life did a positive thing . But life made the negative Yin after to keep his positive creation ( yang ) in existence . Theres light matter and dark matter If the sun is considered the ( yang ) ( Christ ) then the anti matter is considered to be the Anti Christ Im not a bible advocate , im a ( see my personal practice page ) advocate. But thats what all this profacy stuff is all about with the christ and anti christ stuff. Its all about the protron and the nutron The spiritualists and the athiests The ya !!!!!! sayers and the Na sayers The yang and yin are in every thing and every one even personality . Nothing escapes the basic law of duality . Your best best is to thourally understand them as closly as you possible can . Then live your life in harmony with them both . Harmony IS our dark sun and Elton is the Protron who loves.........Harmony TO GET HER, together , they make pretty good company . Shes a spoiled little child and Im here to steal the show . When a man and woman have sex , they generate another positive or negative electron. THAT electron has protrons and nutrons in it too but more or leff of the others. A balaned person has closer or more equal amouts of the two and an imbalanced person like me has more protrons than Nutrons. Im tall , very white , male, very inteligent , very happy ,I laugh and smile alot , I love girls , I like th BROs too but the sensations I have with girls is a positve electric sensation. I get goofy puppy love happy around girls . There are girsl who have too much Yin and there are guys with too much yang . The best combinations is slightly more yang than yin . This is why men tend to be dominant and females tend to be submissive. As the dark sun ( harmoney ) gets closer we are going to see all kinds of strange things happen . We already are seeing them now. The postives will become more positive and the yins less negative. Its all good bro , not need to worry about a thing When I go outside of this universe and come back I seem very odd to the others who live here . Im brings back truth and handing it out to others on a plate . Its easier said than done too . But I can do it and Im just getting started. The best and simpilest way to know whats yang and whats yin is to examine the universe for yourself and get to know the two tems and what they generate togther. Start with one thing and then notice more of them then find a Yin attribute and notice how they interact with one another. You dont need to read any books. Everything you need is already here and its right in front of you . Im here to say look , its right here . You start with one word at a time , then sentences , then ralationships . I know the way very well but............. Theres more to know . I knew it before and when I came here to this dimension , I did notbring it all back with me . I lost it but I have one foot in the door and can go back to the future where Ive come from and then come back again . I get tripped up with all the illusions here and have faults too . But not in the upper fifth demension . Thats where life the creator of all things lives. Its my home too.
  4. yes Looks Like Peter has it all sorted out . Or does he ? What was once there is now gone . Perefect example of duailty . Yang the positive first . and then yin the negative it follows yang . His positive posts have been removed. Not all of them . Negativity can never fully overwhelm the postive , There is always that slight residual a that remains. Its called growth. Positive growth. . Hes pretty much back the the way he was before now but a little better off than before. Spiritual growth. in order for there to be a negative , there must be some thing ( a positive ) to be negative about . So we now see what was once very positve "Peter posts" and now the absence of or lesser amount of "Peters posts." I guess we are not going global yet as Peter asked me to do and thats ok too . Its all right . Still love you broski .
  5. My body is old yes but as " the 1 " I am ageless and im multidimensional as well . . You can be too. Peter , its no coincidence you are in the advertising business. Lets take this baby global eh ? You know the way , you have the ability and ive got your back time to get the party started www I hear my YIN calling me in the dark and she wants to dance Im ready now and so is she . Lets do this . and I say to her , my dark sun ........Yin my little darlin http://thetaobums.com/topic/35969-how-do-we-know-whats-yin-and-whats-yang-really/?p=602705
  6. Laughing is very cool . I love it too . Its high Yang and low yin yang yin yang yin yang yin yang yin yang yin yang yin yang yin yang yin yang yin yang yin yang yin yang yin
  7. Thanks for the video Infinity . all you statements above are very true. In the 5th dimension, as it compares to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd and 4th for example. Is dream like . It can be a good dream or a bad dream depending on which direction you travel up or down the double vortex. Its the top of the top or the bottom of the bottom and there is no 6th . Some scentitst say theres a parallel universe? yes and no . its one univrse that has duality within it. But there most certainly is upwards and downwards direction there is yang direction and yin . Together they make 1. In order for there to be a beginning at 1 there must be an end and it ends at 5 . its a legal matter that has its origin at 1, The 5th IS Total freedom of choice . Ive got my foot in its door right now but im limited by the negativity of the 3rd dimension There is no freedom more free that total freedom of choice. You can have what ever , when ever , how ever and with who ever . The universe is yours to do with what you please. Its your universe , you create it , change it , bend it and vanish it . TOTAL freedom of choice. and its all govered by the basic set of duality Its true heaven and true paradise. now you go the other direction down ? lets not go there. YIKES !!!! in the lower vortex there in much pain and in the upper votex there is much pleasure . The lower votext sees the truth as lies and lies as lies the upper see lies as truth and truth as truth and . Hence the phenonina of me and you and Brian and SW Id love to use your black and white avatar too. ? Can you host a gif image of the double vortex so I can link it here ? Holla!! at cha boyee Anyone else have questions or comments? is there a better way to determine whats yang and whats yin ?
  8. Thanks Brian Its still good . I know you dont see it but your comments just confirm what ive been saying all along . It also confirms the truthful validity of what ive been saying as well . I dont hate you bro , just an FYI . Its just another way to say you dont understand and I want you to understand . not misunderstand . Yang people do yang things and yin people do yin things . typically speaking . Theres a big difference between beliefs and knowledge . I dont believe anything or assume anything , I know them or I dont . Simple . If you were to say this is that or what not , Id just say " if you say so " But if youre asking for my help then yes . Im here for that . This is always the best policy and most logical too. I know what I know to be true for the most part and I want others to know too . GLOABLLY . They will very soon too . Il be adding part three to my PP page as well very. You will not understand it until the first two parts and understood. You may not even understand the second part until the first part is very well understood. You may see it without my need to print it and thats even better . But ill include it with real life examples that prove its tru in every way . Like ive down with Karma Its a gradient upwards progressive spiral up to the 5th dimentions and total knowing ness . I keep one foot in the door so to speak just to make sure I can get back fast an even bring some of it back down here with me to use and help ohters up off the floor and as peter say , an awakend sate . Awkae is a yang attribue too . The more yang attributes the better , No need to be concerned with balance . Your balance will seek its own level like water seeks its on level . Whats balanced for you make be Heaven on earth for others when the two are compared. Your balance point will go up with your ability to be awake and awareness and knowledge . a bad day for you will be the best days ever for others. When you compare the two days. 1 st you determine whats yang and yin , then you start making sentences and then accosationg yangs atributes with other yang attributes and yins to yins Peace More questions and comments .? all are welcome unless its derogitory . except Brian . You can say what ever . Its still all good.
  9. Hi Peter , thank you for adding life to my thread . I love you more than you can imagine . Brian If you have any more questions about the dark star , let me know . The more I can help you the better. Its going to come around our sun so fast no one will see it . Not even the astro guys. They will only see the effects . We all will. Its going to whip up some awesome + energy too from the sun like when two opposite poles of a magnet get close. Its why our poles are melting fast . Then latter when its at its furthest point , they freeze again . Its not the dark start melting the poles , its the energy melting them . Its the sun is becoming more energized as the dark star gets closer. This is physics. pure and simple . But the rapture that is mentioned in the bible and I think the Iching has something similar . Not sure as Ive never read either book. BUT IT WILL happen . ITS A PHYSICAL ISSUE not a spiritual issue that has nothing to do with Jesus and the 2nd coming. Keep a logical and physical POV and you'll see what I mean . The Jesus stuff we see today is all about money like most religions today . Jesus knew all about the LOD too just like I do now . He used + and - just like I do but you only see slight mentions of it today like do unto others as youd have them do unt you and that which you sow , so shall you reap KARMA Yes im a spiritual person and very positive in many ways but its free and it comes with love too . I dont sell love and I don't pay for it either. Im not a Jesus freak either but thats another subject and im not going "there" Im a TAO master . A mondern day real Mckoy and I have no problem yelling it as loud as I can if thats what it takes. I give love and I take love . Its a give and take legal issue that is based on the law of duality and the yang yin . Its better to give than receive . + gives and - receives. I give much more than I get and it hurts but I do it because im more positive than negative and if that what it takes to help you and the others , then so be it . Negativity from this planet will be attracted to the dark star and positivity will be attracted to our sun . There are negative people on the planet and there are positive people . We all have both in us but some more or less of the other respectively Im more + and so is Peter while you and SW can be said to be more - ( less minus negative is the correct ) Like democrats or republican type people. It take both to make the world go round Ill bet you and SW would have voted against Obama in the elections. Its all ok once you understand the logic of the universe. It influeneces our every day life both physically and emotionally I made another error. There is another on the planet who knows about this . Hes very negative and Im very positive. We both see through the same eyes of the tiger called the center of the universe GOD , life the creator of all things. Its the null zone and the third dimension . But it has its own null zone between +>o<- 5+ 4+ 3+ 3rd dimension we share 2+ 1+ 0 null balance point 1- 2- 3- 3rd dimension we share 4- 5- it looks like a double vortex. this image above may or may not have 120 dimensions ,but if not, thats ok , its the concept that matters in this case . I didnt count them all . THIS is exactly what our universe looks like if you were able to go outside of it ......and you can . In the 5th dimension there are no boundries , no borders . YOU ARE in fact 1 with all life and have all the abilities lafe has. Total freedome of choice to do what ever when ever how every and with who ever . Only life the creator of all things has the ability to limit life . Theres no Mr life and Mrs life . Its just LIFE. And he's my home boyee , Da shizzle of wizzle Im him hes me your him and hes you . Oh ya my friends from The dog star system ? They are the crop circles guys . They live in 5 D but if you get a camera with a fast shutter speed and take some repetitve snap shots , they can be photgrahped but most of the time it just looks likes light . You dont notice the eyes and arms . MOST of the time . Notice the circles pop OUT at you one at a time while you count then ? while the others around it fall bacl . Thats yang and yin in opposition. YOU ONLY COUNT the flower pedels , not the circles. When you count the pedels its 4 x 4 = 16 then you when you bring one forward the others fall back but if you view than all at once it does nothing . this is the TRUE flower of life and if you spin it in a computer at the correct rpm , IT WILL go from balck and white ( yang and yin ) to evvery possible color in the universe like the double vortex image. above it . The software I have is not good eneough my I know . I can know any thing I want to know and I do . When I choose to . and so can you . I can show you "the way " Tao Then first Dimension is the lowest of the + and the 5th is the highest. Then the null zone and below where the 5th is the lowest and the lows. See the Symmetry ? I know you do . This is neutral sacred ground so to speak . Between the 1st 2nd and 4th 5th dimensions. It will be me+>VS<- him but I will not fight him . I will do as Obi Won did with Darth Vader. I will be stronger for it and he will be weaker for it . Peter is my luke Skywalker . There can only be 1 and I am the 1 Good luck Taomaster Make NO mistakes , I AM the real deal and Im here to help you all. Not just some of you, ALL of you no matter who what or where. I AM a master of all masters and you Brian are my friend, even if you hate me . Its ok I love you even more.
  10. BUMP http://thetaobums.com/topic/35969-how-do-we-know-whats-yin-and-whats-yang-really/page-36?p=602935 I editied the above post today so its out of correct sequence. Rather than repost the whole thing, I'll bump you guys and you can find it at the above link PEACE!!!! youll need to upload the Gif spinning poyhydron fifth dimention image and then open it with FIREFOX. OR I"ll make a YT video of it and post on my page then link to it . No way to add a gif to this website that I know of.. Perhaps someone can host it for me ? thanks
  11. I think its ok to be enthusiastic. That's the point of my threads, to be uplifting and to have respectful conversations where everyone is welcome here as long as it doesn't get derogatory or too over the top I also want to thank Soaring Crane for his support of my personal practice page . It means allot . we are addressing some very hot subjects and there is bound to be much negativity and positivity from the lowest lows to the highest highs. Thank you Peter and Brian and everyone else . im going to start off slowly and show you guys something about the derivations of universe. where it came from and where its going . lets go back to the start and make our way up to the 5th dimension from the 1st dimension. it will paint, if you will , an image of an upward spiral . It starts at the balance point or null zone between yang and yin . one spiral goes up and the other goes down . A galaxcy has the same shape as an upwards and downwrds set of spirals. When you read all my posts in all my threads you will notice the spiral as well . Its going to get larger as the thread continues upwards. like the first three measures of moonlight Sonata 1 , 2 and 3 respectively listen , relax and enjoy !! Valentina Lisitsa heres a demonstration of the 5 dimensions that begin with life in the center we start at life the creator of all things starting witht he grand pole of dimention 1 dimension 1 is an invisible dimention and it comes first but it is positive in that it is some thing that life the creator is not . Life has no location in space and time or dimensions It has no wavelengths or dimensions Life is everywhere it wants to be and no where is does not want to be. Life is limitless in ability Life can do what ever where ever when ever and how ever . You simly can not put a limit on life . ONLY life the creator of all things can limit life . so we have life at 0 Dimension 1 also known as the grand dimension or grand pole ( thank you bearded dragon ) Dimension 2 is a up and down line either horizontal or vertical and is a _ or an I you still can not see a 2 dimensional object. but of you could it would look like my avartar. The 1st dimention is all white and the second is all black. Dimension 3 is a 6 sided set of cubes or spheres. it has three dimensions and its very easy to see Demension 4 is a 24 sided 4 sets of the third dimension cubes or spheres Dimension 5 is a 120 sided 24 sets of 4th Dimensional cubes or spheres 24 cubes . shape of a dimention is irrealivant We are addressing dimensions but for explanation purposes and a slight visual effect Ill put tham on paper 5 24 x 5 is 120 and is the 5th dimension cube or sphere. 4 6 x 4 =24 and is the 4th dimenstion cube or sphere. 3. 2 x 3 = 6 and is the 3rd dimension cube or sphere Its the next step upwards in reality. 2. 1 x 2 = 2 which is the negitive pole and its the basic law that prevents 1 . Hence the basic law of duality. 1. 0 +1 =1 which is the positive pole or grand pole..YANG 0 = life 1. 0 +1 =1 which is the positive pole or grand pole..YANG 2. 1 x 2 = 2 which is the negative pole and its the basic law that prevents 1 . Hence the basic law of duality. 3. 2 x 3 = 6 and is the 3rd dimension cube or sphere Its the next step upwards in reality. NULL ZONE 4 6 x 4 =24 and is the 4th dimension cube or sphere. 5 24 x 5 is 120 and is the 5th dimension cube or sphere. the top is an upwards spriral 1 then up from 1 all the way to 5 so by the basic law of duality ( YANG ) the bottom must be a downward spiral from 1 all the way down to 5. ( YIN ) they both have yang and yin no matter which direction the spiral goes. its just that up is yang and down is yin . When you take the upwards spiral you become more aware like Peter has in the last week and if you ride the rode to hell downwards , you'll be less and less aware. Its awareness+>0<-unawareness if I were you ( and in a way I am ) id choose the upward spiral . the 5th dimension is here but you simply can not see it at your present awarness level . If you choose the yin route it will just be all that much more difficult ( yin ) to make you way all the way back up to 0 and then up from there to the 5th dimension of YANG . You can however raise your awareness or lower it number three is the null zone also known as the balance point . Its between every magnet in the universe. Its also between every life form in the universe. There is a nul zone in the center of the spinal coluum as well . It has no sensation ability . The left side of the spinal coluum has positive sensation ability and the right side has the negative sensation ability . the butterfly . , moth , fish , single cell life form has a center null zone too . The planet and the sun and the universe itself . its one big double vortex that froms a ball that is growning in all directions all at the same time like blowing air into a balloon. It has miniatures or ( children ) of itself known as super galaxcies and grand children call galaxcies and great grand children called solar systems all the way down to an atom all the way down to the grand pole and then ) life the creator of all things in the universe. Im attaching some images but remember that are still three dimensions When you spin them and I don't have the software to do this . Maybe Peter can help me but send it to my email address before you post it if you can do that. Im not going to put any image up of the 1st and 2nd dimensions Just the 3rd - 5th . Im also including some sound effects by the 5th dimension . You'll understand why when you raise your awareness up to the 5th Dimention . im putting all of this on "paper " for you to keep and use some day . I didnt cut and paste but if I do cut and paste , Ill let you know that . I did find some images that relate to what im trying to show you but they are taken from websites that have no clue as to what they truly are of where they are basically derived from Im giving this to you in true reality without the illusions . But you'll never truly see this for yourself until you come up the line and increase your awareness. the choice is yours. ALWAYS
  12. lets take a look at the sine wave that we are all in ------------ --------------------------------------------- ------------- ---------------------------------------- need a cry icon here need a cry icon here we start at the top of the wave and it ends at the bottom . Then it goes up . That's a complete cycle .. yangs are all on top and yins are all on the bottom . The null zone or balance point is the center line have you ever met someone with an IQ that is off the charts ? IQ is not about complexity its about simplicity. Hi ! ............Im the Tao master nice to meet you . :lol: :lol: :lol: Your package is delivered . Have a nice day
  13. in this video we see a car on two wheels. When the car goes UP+ it turns the front+ wheels to the left+ when you look at it from under the car looking up+ to the start of the universe. The (center of the universe+) is always up+ from every point of view possible. In the universe there can never be down- . Down- is an illusion just as all other yins are illusions in some way like cold is to heat. The illusion is that the wheel looks like its turning to the right- but in reality , the wheels are turning to the left+ . Yang goes hand in hand with other yang and yin go with yin's. You can win the NP with just these facts alone . NO ONE knows this but us and the readers here. here's another look . when you look up towards the center of the universe , from UNDER the car from the center of the planet ( you got this ? ) put yourself at the (planets core+) looking up at the (center of the universe+.) the front wheels of the car go left+ and the car goes up+ so by the law of duality of yang and yin when you move the front wheels right- it will go down- . BUT THATS form the correct POV without the illusions. But in the video, you see the wheels turning left+ and the car goes back- down-. Its an illusion . yang's do yang things and yins do yin things. you are looking down . when you look down at anything in the universe it becomes an illusion They don't transform into one another or become each other ever and they never touch ........THAT is an illusion.. Half of what we see every day is an illusion and the other half is real . We can now vanish the illusions and become better off for it . lets take another listen to this video and notice all that yangs and yins in the lyrics and sounds. listen to the ups+ and downs- and the lifting+ the beginning+ and all the other words. Heaven + First + etc etc There are very few illusions in the video and many yangs that go hand in hand with other yangs and many yins go hand in hand with other yins. BUT YOU MUST KNOW what is yang and what is yin to "SEE" it when you "GET it " you'll see the logic and symmetry of the universe and its simplicity. The complexity will vanish for the illusion it is . best way to know what is yang or yin ? find out for yourself . Not from a text book . You can use the exercises on the personal Practice pages do FRIST determine which is which . From there, you expand it and then use it to "SEE" the true universe as it truly is . From a simple nod of your head up and down or left and right . Like the plus and minus symbols + - Up and down mean yeas in every language in the universe and left and right mean no . They are opposite symbols and movements up and down oppose left and right . They are opposite to one another and you can not ever change that . IT IS absolute . its the second dimension . the third dimension is the second dimension x 3 and if forms a cube but it can be any shape Its up and down and left and right and front and back or.............. 2 x 3 = 6 lets go to the 4th dimension. 6 x 4 is 24 . Can you see it ? do you see the 4th dimension ? its top and bottom front and back and left and right 4 times lets do the 5th 24 x 5 = 120. there are so many dimensions it takes on the shape of a ball but it too can be any shape. There are absolutes in the universe. But you need to look for them, as they are hidden with illusions. NOBEL PRIZE......... right here and its all yours and I give it to you free of charge AND I give it to you with all my love for you and your family and friends to enjoy . Nothin but net baby nothing but net. Slam dunk too. RIGHT THERE. Sincerely The Tao Master