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  1. Hi - I wanted to say hello and explain why I joined. I am hoping to become proficent in medical qigong. I injured my neck through car accidents many time over the years and turned to qigong practice in the hopes of helping out with the pain. Things are going much better now, so I am looking into medical qigong. I live in the Washington DC area. There are so many different lineages and styles of qigong, it is a bit overwelming to find out what is good, what works, ect. It seems like every teacher has a unique angle which appears to be the best. I am learning shibashi (practicing for about 2 years), have done some basic tai chi and have just started Michael Rinaldini's long distance course. Those are my relevant experiences and where I am at on my journey. I want to learn medical qigong without spending tens of thousand of dollars going to accupuncture school and without having to move. I want to help people and not sell them something that does not work. Any insights, thoughts, shared experiences, responses and/or greetings are welcome.