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  1. The Cool Picture Thread

    Campfire! ...and a different exposure.
  2. Should I or shouldn't I ?

    depends how good you are with a can pick up something to ride on for a lot less than $6k, but one of the pros about newstuff is that there's nobody else's gremlins to deal with (aside from the factory's, of course ) my brother sold his bike with the intention to quickly buy another, but wanted to finish his schooling that he's almost done with...and he's still not done, so now he's kicking himself for having sold the bike, lol. me, I'm glad I got out of my early 20s bike time unscathed I wasnt very responsible with 70-90-110-130-150-160mph in my gears. if I were to ever get another, I think I'd go for something like that v6 honda valkyrie, I rode one once, it was like a combination of feeling like I was on a couch, but also on CHIPS with that windshield
  3. Certified Organ Harvesting

    the power & money pretty much go hand in hand, money was used to gain power, power was used to gain money a great many things can be introduced to keep people arguing about a great many things other than the primary thefts (law, currency)
  4. Certified Organ Harvesting

    I dont think the average adult understands that it takes a certain amount of time to cremate a body, and that time increases when more than one body is burned at a time. The average adult SHOULD understand that the alleged numbers are so far inflated its not even funny, and even with crematories running like mad they wouldnt have even reached 300k. Posting the math doesnt seem to help, leading me to conclude that programming>math for a lot of "average educated adults." Other things like brown brothers making great coin off of free slave labor....not mentioned so much, right along with the maternity ward at Osweiecim....
  5. Who is Loneman Pai?

    to chi or not to chi, whatever the question we're 10 pages of off topic by now
  6. Certified Organ Harvesting

    so why'd you quote what I linked and then inserted a quote from something entirely different I forgot, human trafficking is illegal and nobody does it, nor would anyone ever do the things in the article, that's just reprehensible.
  7. Certified Organ Harvesting
  8. The Cool Picture Thread

    that'd make a great nighttime twilight shot (so that there's some glow to the atmosphere still) ...with a fire built inside of it
  9. evolving towards the non-evolutionary

    it was interesting studying particle physics and a certain set of quantum equations that were used interchangeably, depending on the coherence and what was known of the system's individual events as they happened. with coherence, the obscuring of the individual events led to an exponential rise in the amplitude of the output. correlated to meditative achievement, its a far leap in potential from one to the next. the raw hunk of diamond is only halfway to the spectacularly shining gemstone that it could be, if perfected tis silly to think that because the "nature" is the same, or the rawstuffz are of the same base components, that the refinement and expression would so easily be revealed - nah, that takes some work - analogies are of course so extremely an oversimplification, but I can only point over there thataways too dry and bland of a look at things is the result of losing that awe inspired wonder contained in the child's mind, but there's a few older folks who know how to retain it
  10. coding

    lol type learn to code in internet search, find a whole crap ton of links I dont know if they teach that one in class, though
  11. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    the earth is just about poised to rid itself of banksterism, of course the bankster's mouthpieces are going to try and convince everyone the earth is collapsing
  12. Who is Loneman Pai?
  13. Is the earth hollow?

    That's funny! Topologically speaking, that is pretty much exactly what hollow earth would indicate - for when we're speaking of topology, holes are really the only thing that change it froma continuity standpoint - so whether we're talking about a straight up torus shape or the "hollow earth" shape they are topologically the same.
  14. Who is Loneman Pai?

    once a few years back, my coworker asked me well, what can you do? so I held out my hand, totally white, and turned it red with blood for her in a few seconds time. she gave me a funny look and said "you're weird" and walked away
  15. Is the earth hollow?

    I'm sure you have some measure of awareness of your center I suspect my field of awareness somehow involves multiply connected spaces
  16. Who is Loneman Pai?

    its usually accompanied by an F bomb at the top of my lungs before it even registers I'm cut, if its a good one
  17. Tien Shan Chi Kung Videos

    copycat ninja abilities are of the essence of shaman just a grokkin'
  18. Is the earth hollow?

    I DO remember tin foil, and I remember it being more stiff and the timbre of the sound it makes when crumpled was different, raspier
  19. Tien Shan Chi Kung Videos

    good energy...strong on 3rd eye, and wings
  20. Is the earth hollow?

    there's crap tons of 'em that have both a touch pad and a little tiny joystick in between the G&H that moves the mouse around - no moving hands required to get to the mouse from the keyboard. takes a little betting used to though. not all models have it of course.
  21. hehe...I joked with my coworkers that the caffeine got in the way of my coffee habit, my current favorite is but back when I'd do the caffeine, I stopped adding sugar in 2006, but always kept the creamer until I first went decaf, then I was drinking some burnt Peet's dark decaf that tastes like licking the bottom of the burnt carafe in comparison...then I got more raven's brew, and it was so good that creamer just didnt taste right in it. now its all black I remember giving this stuff to some old bandmates when they were over a while ago and one of them was remarking how it was as smooth as a chocolate bar and he didnt even put anything in it. BEAUT!!!! Great, awesome, super SUPER rare find!!!! you'd have gotten a deal even if you paid a thousand bucks for it. my buddy has an ol '54 guild and that sumbich is worth 4, 5 g's
  22. A Question About Sugar...

    cookies get funny when you add too much sugar. too much of any ingredient, really
  23. What blows your mind?

  24. Is the earth hollow?

    if you're on a windows device, go into device manager and you can disable the touchpad in there, it should be in the mouse section. dont uninstall or it'll just redetect it. reenable should be no problem. happens to me on this danged thing too at times, and the problem is I think if you disable the touchpad it also disables the nipple-mouse in the middle of the keyboard, so you have to go all external if you do disable it.
  25. Who is Loneman Pai?