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  1. The Cool Picture Thread

    Campfire! ...and a different exposure.
  2. Trump talk

    Superlative irony since that was the aim of the transnational criminal orgs! It'd be perhaps amusing to see you attempt to qualify the contention, but from what I have already grokked its going to be devoid of many of the things that matter so its not really worthwhile to ask - I know what's on NBC, CNN, Reuters, AP already. I dont say that disparagingly but matter of factly based upon previous interactions. If the devil existed and had super powers, then he'd truly be trying to find ways to convince folks that he did not exist. G00gle is a cia pentagon corporation and is part of the subversion & sellout of humanity. Same as facebook. cia corporate model develop it all using gov resources, pentagon, dept of Energy, wherever, once its all robust, find some schlub to "pop an idea" (they handed zuck the entire back end of the platform) all free R&D as the connected get in at early stages (why do you think epstein, as no sort of primary broke, got over 40 IPOs slid his way) and this is just part of the raping of the planet - its being done with as many industries and businesses as they can do it with - the IPO pump and dump. plenty of people know it happens, but how many people know that taxpayers often bankroll the R&D on .gov equipment for them to begin with? ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, is that another conspirrrrrrrracy theory? yup just like the LIBOR daily gold price fix was totally a conspiracy theory before all of a sudden oh wait, its actually totally a fact. so many examples, so little time *chuckles* so few willing to actually challenge aside from "you're crazy for believing that shit!" "what? no I'm not reading that!" and so few that want to include such things as important in their "worldview analysis" (one can skip it just dont call the position on the matter robust in the least!!!!) so yes "its a blatant political move" but remember that for those who subvert both sides, its "political move du jour" because that pendulum will swing wherever a target's required - as you know Reagan good, Bush good. Bush bad, Clinton Good. Clinton Bad, Bush good. Bush bad, Obama good. Obama savior, Orange Man Bad. Good, looks like Trump is going to declare the absolutely Fascist supporting "anti fascist" AntiFa to be a terror org. They most certainly are one.
  3. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    deflect away and tu quoque, my friend - its about all you've got here. but there's no need for me to beat this horse dead, its already beaten, you just cant smell it yet.
  4. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Its ironic how a lot of people understand a lot of pieces of the puzzle, but ostensibly have HARD blinders on with regard to certain information. The first two bits I singled out are very relevant to the root that many dont see entering the ground. And I'm glad things are going swimmingly I lament that my pointing out facts has likely negatively affected also your opinion of me since they relate to you too...but you can watch the outcomes and say "damn, I had no idea" later just like the rest of them I get it - the "news" "has already instructed otherwise," and circled the wagons to such an extent that the near verbatim chorus across all kinds of supposed independent and objective entities has convinced anyone who "generally accepts" the "news" that "this information should not be examined whatsoever." I know its insulting for you to consider it "programming" but that is indeed what it is, and your logical fallacies and non-examinations dont do the heart you wear on your sleeve any justice. Just dont any of you lefties ever come say anything about compassion ever again, because what is on display by the left here is a shallow front for "accepted targets of compassion" and doesnt display actual compassion, its just virtue signaling as part of the lie of collectivism, showing its underlying energy current as mind speech and hearing control. There is no defense (or even desire to defend or justify, as if the ideologies themselves are independently objectively obvious self justified as a given) of the ideologies concepts or the myriad negative outflows thereof, there is only the desire to compare it favorably to a theoretical antithesis. I will now leave you to your echo chambers where you can delude yourselves in peace.
  5. Warning!!!

    "dont take the purple'll have to get down off them towers!" -David Allen Coe
  6. Trump talk

    tales from the echo chambers if its a rodent infested mess, its a rodent infested mess. I like it when someone's got the balls to call something what it is. I guess we should be glad he wasnt in san fran and calling it a shit & needle infested mess, because that would be biased against the homeless or something. "dont concentrate on the finger or you will lose all the heavenly glory" -Mr Lee
  7. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Stopped reading right there. Make a freakin argument. (I can say argument or gtfo and you'll take it as the joke I meant it as, right? lol! because "X or GTFO" is just a sort of meme, and you understand that, unlike some The rules to abide by: If you're going to make a point, be specific, factual, and you cant make the other side of the debate into a mindless zombie by your words or your point immediately fails to reach 85% of the audience. Unfortunately some specific and factual - like pointing out most of the ideas simply arent in accord with the laws of the USA - is just going to be ignored, because well..."they cant be shot down that easily" or some such, lol...(except they can and they should when its the USA we're talking about.) Always enjoy reading your stuff bro Its not quite so much lack of intelligence, but alignment of values, interests, and needs. Most people just want to live their lives without anyone or anything fkn things up. But where this gets way worse is on Bankster Planet, where corruption reigns and hurting others winds up being perversely incentivized. Its terrible to see people Stockholm Syndrome'd into supporting banksters and outflows of banksterism, which is what we see with most of the left right now. (I can only hope the prosecutions go all the way to every last string, but I'm sure its difficult for anyone to imagine the central banks being appreciably affected by this whole matter of "the transnational criminal orgs." There's a lot that winds up tying into the banks, and banks who are part of central banks...very big problem to manage.) But I dont want Hillary Clinton in Gitmo because I hate democrats or leftists, its because she's a corrupt evil woman who has a decades long history of using and abusing her positions for personal gain as well as a system of retribution, and it was all enabled by the CIA, which are really just the Global Fascist Secret Police along with MI6, Mossad. I hope I'm not included in your perception of the wackyness, because I dont see myself as having been rude like others - just a bit spicy here and there. (ralis interactions aside, he gets rude I reciprocate, maybe that cycle can be stopped, eh) I'll tell ya though, the lack of compassion about the victims of these trafficking networks is just horrible, coming from so many people who talk about having so much compassion. This situation, all of you have your backs firmly turned against the victims here - so its partially why I'm here wondering why there's this bit of hypocrisy going on whereby "you sensible lefties" simply refuse to examine any of the information that says these things exist, showing a dire lack of compassion coming from compassion champions. I'd ask for the CogDis to be explained but I know I'll just get a "well I simply dont believe any of that is true" except more and more its being shown to be an ignorant position here. I never meant to be rude about the MSM's chorus having affected folks such as yourself on this matter, again, just calling balls & strikes. It has indeed been the case, I'm not saying that with any sort of malice - just saying wake up they're lying like mad, its part of the design. The biggest issue is that this country was designed so that the States can decide those things for themselves. Instead we have a centralized behemoth that by and large operates entirely outside of its authority and does all kinds of things, assumes all kinds of powers, that are not enumerated for them to have, but have instead seized upon tiny vagaries in language and exploited them to the hilt. I'm unpopular for saying Sorry, Social Security is Unconstitutional, but I'm saying that because I'm calling balls & strikes and it is simply not any sort of enumerated function that the federal government may decide it can or must have. Period end of story, it is a perversion upon the constitution just like a great many other things that people just take for granted. I dont know how people can even argue this stuff, except from an emotional standpoint of "I feel in this case its a good reason to discard the Fundamentals of the Republic." That is literally the *ONLY* argument for these things. "Its the proper moral compassionate response, so please pay into this black box that will be periodically raided so that we'll have a good excuse to charge more from you for all of it." If the fedgov werent so huge, then the States themselves would have far more resources with which to implement these things, and do it in an actual lawful manner and not sneaky having everything contain some % of lie in it. And my response to thelerner is precisely why "The USA is behind in social programs" - because most of them are not Constitutional for the Federal Government. Which globalist was it that said, "The illegal, we do right away - the Unconstitutional, takes a little longer." I dont recall... (Undercurrent of subversion of nations again) Free Market implemented properly, would mean the vast majority of everyone gains from it, except the very richest & very poorest. Very richest doesnt matter except for what they arrange to thieve from everyone else. I still dont know why I only have 2 super pricey options to choose from because that's all that's offered - if there were too much competition then the big corporations might not get that 10,000% return on lobbying corrupt government officials. Our biggest problems are not Left or Right, but Honestly Implemented Government. Healthcare firms went bonkos once Justice Roberts decided SCOTUS could write law as well as interpret and avoid the pesky matter of having those changes actually ratified by Congress... Whether one supports Healthcare for All or not, they should be 100% against breaking the Republic and bypassing its checks and balances. I was amazed how many simply denied the bypassing of checks & balances even took place, literally every aspect of Obamacare was a lie. hehehe, mention manners then toss out a pejorative like that You know I'm gonna have to call you out on that! I hope you're aware that Breitbart used to be relatively Left and worked for Huffington Post, and was aggravated that he was being prevented from reporting on subjects that were sensitive to...(what we now see are the transnational criminal orgs)...and he eventually left to establish his own media company because of it. The way "voice of Breitbart" is used as a pejorative is ignorant of his quest for truth and its just a logical fallacy to not look at information that's sensitive to the transnational criminal orgs. But its designed that way by forces that subvert humanity, whose secret assassins likely are the reason for Brietbart's heart attack. They only made Brietbart into a dirty word because Brietbart was weaponized information, and if the world knows the extent of it, then it means the end of the transnational criminal orgs. (Oh, there you go with those conspiracy theories again!) (well, watch it become yet another conspiracy fact ) Two way road fellas, if Lefties are asking righties for a respect check then that mirror gotta shine in both directions or the whole exercise is a farce.
  8. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    is the point of excluding the right from a conversation just so you can make all sorts of wild extrapolations without ever having to answer for them?
  9. the immaculate degenerates! as my buddy's mom called it I remember Lin telling me about having done things that improved his eyesight, but it was a bit of effort to keep up and ultimately not worth the effort to maintain, glasses just easier. like the bic vs... ( )
  10. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    It wasn't racist, ya intolerant! It was slang, and in context slang! And I happened to be quoting Eddie Murphy Raw there, if you took a moment to absorb before the knee flew up. Because it was a very applicable and just as insulting analogue of how the joke was told, and its reflective of how banksters view Plebes. Just because you have no sense of irony or humor doesnt mean you get to scream appropriation every time someone uses "a word on the bad list." Thankfully, mods here have a much fairer and clearer head than you do. Half the "shit" started is from your reactionary stance, and I contend that "things got worse" entirely in response to the way YOU act. Been here over a dozen years now and there's plenty of us that have watched this happen over and over and over again. How you think it is that I got nasty with you? Reciprocating! So if there's gonna be a respect-check here on Daobums, you're in the top 3 longtime regulars that should be standing in that line there pal. (I'll probably be in line right behind you for enjoying to poke at those who cant rationalize their stances and reconcile them with reality and somehow hope that a little poking and prodding will spur a modicum of evolution, but ze horse, ee don always like to drink.) Be a little more respectful and you will see that reciprocated also. *chuckles* I suppose more of the movie is going to have to play out before yous accept that Bruce Willis is the deadguy in the movie The only reason I didnt really have a problem with the military spending is because of the cheapshit pivot designed to swisscheese US Forces alongside the monetary pivot to China that was going to happen with their Hillary plan to finish the Dismantling of America job whose phases have been in the works for 50 years. If you look at everything past Kennedy....hell even Ike knew...but they were pumping america up to be a nice fat calf to bleed out and then move on, sticking the plebes with the carcass. America was to become an impoverished nation inside a digital prison under Bankster Planet - like every other nation mostly - except America was going to be the most spectacular failure of them all. I had to chuckle at the irony of "Stop turning away from the pain in this world" when juxtaposed with the human & child trafficking that has been taking place. Or is it that you need to get to the later point in the movie to understand that Bruce Willis is dead, too? I dont have any 6th sense, Sean - I'm just laying things out clearly - the kiddie shit is all true, and if that's all true, then the lot of you are being massively uncaring towards them, because the people who program the media are in on it and dont want the plebes to know. The people "you" trust... Job #1 for Trump is to dismantle those networks and the people who have been running them, its a worldwide international operation and that's why things are slow rolled. Literally everything else is secondary - we all saw the weaponization of the IRS, DoJ and other gov agencies , the weaponization of media platforms...Soros didnt say "there was going to be no conservative voice on the internet and media by 2020" for nothin, that was truly their intent - and after they took care of the right, you know darn well they were coming for nothing short of full compliance from left right and center, and this ultimately would have meant that no real implementation of actual leftism could ever take place on planet earth ever again - you already see its perversion from actual leftism. I'm glad you at least view Trump the wrecking ball as a positive on those dark aspects (the ones you will allow yourself to see at least,) but until you come around to facts on the dark shit going on, how deep it is/was... *holds up hands* its kind of a big part of the equation at this point in time and cant be ignored any longer. I caught a lot of shit a couple years ago when I first started pointing this stuff out and nobody was ready to see it, but now that its all making its way onto the news and things are finally coming around...I'm not normally the type to say atodaso,, I dont say shit just to get a rise out of people - if its not truthful, then the entire essence of that "game" is 100% lost.
  11. Trump talk

    lol with everything that's being discussed, you post shit like that /facepalms fkn kids, I tell ya it simply serves no purpose. at least be constructive in criticisms. if the left is to be asked to drop orange man bad once they figure out he helped save the goddam planet, then "the right" would do well to realize that WWG1WGA includes leftists.
  12. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    I was kinda chucklin, because if "today's Left" isnt really left, and let's face it, today's "Right" isnt really right either, it seems like mostly everyone is now crowded in the middle, and there's all kinds of problems (and scale unresolved by the L<>R paradigm) there too (which is why you're reading that most of us dont identify with L<>R much at all and consider ourselves more center than anything else. on this preposterous L><R scale I see myself as center-right trying to call balls & strikes based off of the bill of rights.) Big point, all the problems left right center root in money's corrupting influence buying what it needs in order to gain complicity - and NO ideology is immune to it. If you dont have "banksters" in your "fkery equations" then they will not wind up being useful equations I agree about the slavery bit Sean, I mean, we've reached a point on the chans where the shills are flat out posting the most disgusting things imaginable to try and stop people from going and seeing the information that's being disseminated there about the transnational criminal orgs. When the message needs to be killed that badly by those the message incriminates...I feel bad for the homeless, but I feel way worse for all these trafficked kids. (I still want to almost cry because of one of the pictures I accidentally saw the other day...I can handle some shit, but man...cmon...I could not ever in good conscience horrify anyone else to ever repeat what it yes I do understand everyone's got their breaking point) There's nothing wrong with asking for a baseline modicum of respect around here, but its a two way street - there's just some people that bristle at reading "Things 'The Authorities' Have Said Are False," they bristle hard, then there's some disrespect hurled in both directions, to the point where hey, ralis and I both absolutely carry some blame and nobody can remember the beginning of that fire. I guess in that regard, its within your purview as 0wner of the joint to ask for a little respect reset amongst all, I can dig that and see it as necessary also.
  13. Question about breath retention

    heh, reminds me of schoolhouse rock or something of the like back in the day when the dot jumped on the i, completing the "I" sound, all big & boomin This is at root a similar phenomena to that which I was describing happens by virtue of well attenuated dynamics - one pattern 'overwhelms' the others; the entirety of the cranial nerves' potentials sorta sync up. Whether its chanting or running or drumming etc., same underlying principle. The big difference with my focus being the attenuation instead of having some other signal be the primary - while consuming energy in copious amounts, the cranial nerves will never collectively "align Yin," they will only "align Yang;" to make some sort of metaphor. They only get the ability to "align Yin" by the body & mind being in an extremely high efficiency state - so while I've had "sensate rich samhadi-esque" experiences before, they fo damn sure are a far cry from the pure awareness-rich samhadi experiences where the cranial nerves "align Yin." Samhadi is absolutely low frequency high amplitude waveforms like delta waves - I contend this because of the level of action that cascades once its perturbed - its so noticeably different and takes some time to recondition the patterns back proper, I dont care what EEGs have measured on a lab from some random meditator or monk
  14. Trump talk

    You're right Earl, I'm sorry I didnt realize your skin was microns thick and you dont have any interest in changing that or getting past it, but want to continually wear it as a badge. I already explained the plainspeak and how some people just cant handle it - well, you're one of those people who cannot handle unvarnished, unfiltered, pure truthful no frills reality. I poked you once or twice to see if you'd come out of your shell, and when you made it clear that you are very much at home inside your shell and do not wish to change at all, I left you alone. You're a very angry person and I hope you get past that, for your own sake. The Irony is I was but probing your anger and hoping to prompt you into some movement, but you decided you'd hate me for it instead. I''d be way too honest of a counselor, I'd put the mirror up too quickly and clients would leave. That's why my profession deals with 1s and 0s, which only understand proper syntax. People, there's no telling how long they want to sit there staring into the painting of Vigo.
  15. Trump talk

    I dont want to get all up in Sean's thread anymore than I already have, but its just wild to see all those guys view everything that's going on as some insane conspiracy theory, when just about all of it, all the information, is right there to go look at. It doesnt seem that any of them are looking at any of it, but whatever media they are consuming appears to be giving them distress. I actually feel kinda bad about that. (Brain: This is an 'appy occasion, let's not bicker and arrrrgue over 'oo killed 'oo!) I feel badly that the propaganda affects them so, that they are literally uncomfortable posting here!? On Daobums?!?!?! Cmon, we are all friends here. Or at least that's pretty much how I view things. But you guys seem to be taking this personally, a lot of you...act like "the whole right wing movement" is here or something all over the forum and all over the place up in the guts of the place making it intolerable. There's literally like 2 or 3 threads here in Off Grid about it, and we have people saying they are getting to the point where they feel uncomfortable coming to daobums as a whole because of this? I honestly think you people that have such deep feels about this to where its bothering you to such wild extent need to do a little reflection, and I dont mean that in a disparaging way. To be blunt, things like breaking programming and admitting you were way wrong about some things and got pretty heated about them takes some ability for self reflection. Its just disappointing. I enjoy challenging people. Stand on your conviction! I dont enjoy making people feel sad when they just wont give up their failing position on a matter, they can see it and feel it failing but it just cant be so...its like whipping a defenseless animal, it just doesnt really interest me. I've made my point about the transnational criminal organizations - I think that's really the best descriptor for them - so yall can watch the rest of what I said was going to come to pass just like things I said were to come to pass have come to pass. There's no need for me to post a hundred ways I'm right every day. I dont have any real big attachment to being right, I'm just being straightforward and ballsy about saying it, just because it makes some people squirm. I dont know why I get a kick out of that, but I do, cheap high sometimes. Time for a break, later folks
  16. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Bezos, outflow of banksterism Brin, outflow of banksterism Gates, outflow of banksterism Ellison, outflow of banksterism Zuckerberg, outflow of banksterism Schmidt....outflow of banksterism I agree with Sean and ralis that there isnt a "real" left here in America. We just differ in that I dont think the vast majority of those ideas are at all compatible with the Constitution and cannot be Constitutionally implemented at the federal level. (By that 'not real' measure, though, there isnt "a real right" either! I tend to think extremist rightwing views are as batshit as extremist left wing views.) I think such radical ideas are only borne of the bankster-fascist desire to subvert all nations on the planet. There's a real irony, is that I'm pretty anti fascist. Anti actual real Fascists, not merely those who the global fascists have pointed at and called fascists on their media outlets. I kinda view myself similarly to z, where my preference is the closest damned thing to a well functioning Anarchy with absolutely minimalist government - there to do as they are prescribed, not to grow and grow along with "the amount of money 'we' all owe" with bought off pols subverting their constituents. All totalitarian ideals seek to drain the resources of those they control, and its abhorrent. If anything, humanity has shown itself that it isnt honest or lol 'evolved' enough to handle actual leftist ideas for real. You wind up with a collection of pigs that are more equal than the other animals every time. Decentralize it and the pigs cant do that. The more decentralized the better, the less chance for abuse. Power is abused, over and over, and over again. The abuse of power is why I've posted so much on the Trump thread. So in trying to reconcile this to Modern Society, a clear headed look is inexorably drawn towards pointing out the corrupting influence of Totalitarianism... Because when we strip things back, it is really about making a better world - we all want that. We support that which we believe will result in a better, more equitable place here. Totalitarian forces have distorted the dataset by which we all decide which way is the best way to make this place a better, more equitable place. I only post because its interesting to point out the dichotomies that produce the perceived separation in stances
  17. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    hehe, well, I wouldnt be so presumptuous to say that *I* did a whole hell of a lot, except make some (more accurate) observations (than others here.) and of course no offense taken, it tends to take some doing to actually offend me. I hope "both" "sides" can have reasonable discussion once the spigot labeled "poison" is closed off from the well of public knowledge. But I fear that so long as the transnational criminal organizations are free to use their ill gotten gains to propagandize the public, its going to by and large continue until the ill gotten gains disappear, or their credibility disappears. Credibility leading that race by a thousand miles, it would appear. All wars are bankster wars, and it helps the banksters protect the primary fraud by having the plebes squabble over things other than the Primary Fraud or things which will lead to discussion about the Primary Fraud. This is the only reason we have Billionaires ignoring laws and setting up their own extra-sovereign entities that reside outside of the jurisdictions that they aim to absolutely 100% control. L<>R both exist under banksterism - the big thing the world needs to do is get rid of the central banking institutions - because that's kind of a prerequisite for any semblance of a peaceful and honest society here on planet earth. If things like this are skipped over in analysis, then the conclusions can never be considered to be robust Banksterism has robbed and perverted billiions of humans over the course of the past few hundred years - and just like there's never been actual real leftism, there hasnt been real capitalism either - only banksterism's tentacles perverting these terms that we think mean what they say on their face. /\
  18. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Is the search for truth any different between disciplines, at its most base level? When I'm lied to, and its an important or life affecting lie - f that, I will want to know why, I will want to get to the bottom of it. Its the same reason I used to take apart old broken radios when I was 5 or 6. Deconstruct, how does this work. If i'm given a story that's got more holes in it than great gramp's barn he built in the early 60s (and its still standing today! good job, great gramp!) and knowable facts show that its just not all that likely to be true... even something like pointing out that Justice Roberts' "its a tax" was clearly and unambiguously unconstitutional and the news says no, its ok, nothing wrong with that...its not like procedure prevents justices from making law, the proper way was to say "this is unconstitutional as written, but it'd be ok if it were worded as a tax"...but of course they werent doing that because then it would have a snowball's chance in hell of passing house & senate again - and they damned well knew that, which was why they had to lie cheat and steal to break the constitution as usual. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When one understands the transnational criminal organizations' effective infiltrations to the myriad points in the system, then the picture becomes a little more clear. This whole hullaballo is because the operatives of the criminal orgs got messy, got caught and found out, and The Law is now coming after them. This left right stuff is kind of a whole separate matter aside from "conspiracy" stuff - because where things are really sensitive, even "right wing" news like Fox will have their people show their true colors when they absolutely have to...look at how many have burned their credibility that "used to have it" amongst "the right" like Kristol or Krauthammer or Napolitano or Shep, Riley, almost all of em. That just goes to show that the transnational criminal orgs have plants in both sides of the aisle, as many of us have pointed out. So Sean, is this really borne of L<>R, or is this just a reaction from the MSM absolutely shitting their pants because the transnational criminal networks are being taken down, thus causing their agents to try and further widen the chasm between "Left and Right?" (and hence where the conspiracy theory stuff entered into this...) (I'm sure you know the term was coined by none other than the transnational criminal orgs themselves...) I cant wait for the traitors to be gone, just so that there's no more propaganda sources acting like impartial publishers, skewing the whole entire discussion - cuz this "ct" dismissal-rejection is just an excuse not to look at facts that are very unbecoming to the public faces of the transnational criminal orgs.
  19. Question about breath retention

    Well, I used to have seasonal allergies that would whack me at least twice a year, or whenever there was a significant temp swing like with this heatwave that just passed by, hot to cold, that used to clog me up all the time. Had a bad case of otitis media (middle ear infection) when I was a kid, so my eustachian tubes have always been a bit messed up. But as of 2007, I have not had a cold or gotten sick - the way the energy goes, when the niwan gets energized it makes all of those slow fire phenomena happen as described in taoist yoga, the sinuses empty, salivation, things dont hang around long enough to stagnate into sickness (I've been able to keep all of that (antisick) going with no issues even though I have not kept the ability to attain samhadi every day constant...the latter requires significantly more work to upkeep. Hit that altitude 8, 10, a dozen times...but keeping it going is a sonofabich and makes me understand why monks move out of society.) There's also a significant qi pressure that happens, which also helps health & longevity...but that's kinda tough to describe and its like a general holistic overall thing. Thoughtform = a thought...usually I posit it as thoughtform-energy, which really is (begins as) a remainder of energy that is unresolved (has 'nowhere else to go') because of inefficient process - and by streamlining all of the things I described, it lessens the energy remainder - only once samhadi is well stabilized and happening every day, does the mind really reach that calm emptiness where no random thoughts are generated. (I only know this is possible because I achieved it, for the times I was that samhadi-stable. So anyone who talks like the mind will just always ramble and there's nothing you can do about it, they just didnt make the attainment and werent taught by anyone who made it either ) Faster works better....well, yes, "speeds in the right range" work better...try drawing a bath and lean back in it, let the water against your eardrums, and then use the things I wrote to figure out how to breathe silently with everyone being underwater-loud It may be a bit weird to carry that to sitting, but that's the way!
  20. Trump talk

    that would have been a terrible outcome, because if what Q said is true, then the US Military was coupin' the US Government and my what a shit storm THAT would have been.
  21. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    It was why I had a good hard laugh when some folks out there had a problem with Trump's proposal to clean up the plastic island in the pacific - why, an ecosystem's sprung up around it, and we'd kill it off if we cleaned it up! I'm all for a clean environment, and contrary to what some might think, I'm also the type of guy who picks up trash when he goes on a hike. I think the "alt-right" just by and large kept their mouths quiet..."silent majority"... But the problem is I looked into James Hansen's soul and saw it was corrupt, and there's been such a focus on the conjecture, at the expense of real environmental efforts. It was nice to see the annual cleanup scuba dive down in Florida last week or so, they removed a couple tons of trash from the sea floor. It winds up being less compassionate to everyone else when the able bodied are allowed to continue sucking the teat - animal mothers take care of that by not letting the "not young anymore" suckle (which is then followed by less ambiguous messages of I'm not taking care of you any longer, its time for you to take care of yourself.) There's nothing compassionate about enabling helplessness. The actually helpless? That's a different story. At the earliest opportunity is funny, because it was years of looking at things before I understood what I was looking at.
  22. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Hey Sean, we got along great when we hung out a dozen years ago, but of course, the world wasnt quite at the cusp of knowing how corrupt and evil its upper echelons are and we werent discussing the problems of the world at that time. It didnt even matter, which was the great part! I'm glad things have gone well for you. As to "Conspiracy Theories"...the world has been awash in them for quite some time, and no more staunch peddlers of them then the MSM itself. I think that much is being continually revealed at this point. So the issue really lies in the fact that "the most trusted names" were bought off a long time ago. These arent really conspiracy theories any longer. The infiltration of governments, bureaucracies, corporations, universities by the transnational criminal organizations - should really not be in question at this point. It winds up being that "Mueller's gonna get Trump" was nothing but a conspiracy theory based upon sedition and treason. If you havent realized these details yet...well I'm sure there's plenty who havent yet, but I'm like 98+% correct on all of these Trump happenings, it can be taken to the bank. Its sad to see folks clam up for being fearful of their thoughts. Be who you are, and there's no reason to hide that. I'ye am what I'ye am, I wear this meat suit proudly, it is what it is and I'm not apologetic or fearful whatsoever for it - I stand by my convictions, I stand by my perspective of calling balls & strikes as an impartial umpire would. Which is exactly the approach that brought you to call yourself a leftist, I'd wager. (I dont call myself a rightey, I dont really even identify with the L<>R paradigm whatsoever, its just a dividing tactic.) To me, juvenile is throwing a fit over something someone said because I might not agree with it. The adult approach is to discuss openly and honestly and filters be damned, what use are they except when you're in the company of those seeking to be offended by something. Honestly I wish you posted more, because you're intelligent and have worthwhile perspectives, even though I disagree with things like breaking the US Constitution for healthcare feels Universal Healthcare is a nice ideal to have, but as I've said to folks before, until you have that Star Trek level of tech to go with that Star Trek level of social services - then we have this big problem of there being a lot required of some people while there's jack required of others. That's not to say we dont care for our young, old, sick, infirm - its just that for able bodied people, there's just no requirement to have society fully cover them and its nothing but opportunity for abuse. Hopefully you do not interpret any of this post as "right wing bullshit" because its certainly not, from my chair. Peace bro
  23. Trump talk

    because my conclusion wasnt only driven by those snippets, but by the totality of observations all wars are bankster wars - at some point folks are going to have to stop attributing these atrocities to "the USA" and pin the blame where it belongs, on the networks that were nothing more than rogue operations making the government function for people other than the US citizens. Q posted this oof that's bad....go read....basically writing something up to allow themselves to disseminate information they otherwise would not be able to, in the interim period between election and Trump taking office...this was in effect Obama giving "all 17 intel agencies" access to NSA. (covering trump's presidency) Logical thinking about Epstein still think Q is a larp? @ralis @Trunk what do you think declas is going to look like when it begins? will you know what evidence of treason looks like when you see it?
  24. Trump talk

    Elementary, my dear Watson Mueller gettin torn UP Read that Mueller did just that when asked by Rep Steube - unconfirmed as of right now moar perjury I think at this point Mueller is just trying not to have family members murdered before the culling speculative? the waorld may yet find out!
  25. Trump talk

    good observation, but there's already been other clues that U1 has been rolling for some time how'd this post age