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  1. Who are your favorite Comedians of all times?

    heh...mostly dead... Bill Burr Patrice O'Neal Greg Giraldo Bill Hicks Mitch Hedberg George Carlin Redd Foxx Eddie Murphy Charlie Murphy Dave Chappelle Richard Pryor rofl at Lavell Crawford, never heard of him before seeing this one
  2. The Cool Picture Thread

    Campfire! ...and a different exposure.
  3. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    always the better option! then you can just hand wave away garbage like what disney did with star wars and say "that's not canon," and completely ignore it (7 was so bad that I refused to watch 8, and reaffirmed this when half my friends said they left the theater while the movie was still going....niiiiiiiiiiine, is right out!)
  4. Quickly detecting a fool is invaluable

    Its just like to some extent all humans are crazy - all humans are foolish as a matter of self serving nature, which is why its refined to go beyond that. It is always amusing watching people who believe foolish things talk about this stuff
  5. The Doomsday Scenario

    she said hello, mother, and now I'm wearing her hat
  6. Meditation - Doing vs Non-Doing

    there was a certain heart-linking, harmonization, whaddyacallit....and a couple forms of...the second one is after the breath is ongoing silent, another relates to that pre-cognitive stirring...
  7. Meditation - Doing vs Non-Doing

    if one trains for it, it absolutely happens - and its not quite so much trying not to think, so much as simply keeping the focus of awareness. when that happens, the samhadi is a moment. a moment that if done right lasts a couple hours. the efficiency level there is simply amazing. it is important to recognize the precognitive stirrings and simply reaffirm focus when it happens - this is how to get past it - recognition of the precognitive stirrings doesnt prevent them, at first! then the precognitive stirrings become nothing more than then the faintest of breezes over the most glasslike of water surfaces. that's why in the beginning, breathwork is a good vehicle to create a modicum of quiescence so that people dont go stir crazy thinking about what meditation is while trying to meditate. don worry, just tune up the breathing for 5 or 10 minutes at first, for people its that rough on. if 2 months of sustained effort is put in 5-10 min a few times a day every day, that should be plenty to get her unstuck from the mental jibba jabba. (my mom says she just couldnt do it also, so *shrugs* you can lead the horse, but you canna make im drink)
  8. How Bees See You. How you appear in ultraviolet.

    it was funny seeing people's OMG I'm in blackface on UV! reactions
  9. Meditation - Doing vs Non-Doing

    Its not at all detrimental. My experiences taught me that when random thoughtform energy manifests, it does so because of an excess of unresolved energy that is exacerbated by sensate input. Once one is able to bring those dynamics to that consumption minima/efficiency maxima that results from streamlining the senses and bodily processes, the efficiency really starts to show - samhadi hits every session, more energy "stored" per session, the accumulation helps drive longer breath durations. In no way does it impinge upon the ability to think deeply upon a subject when required.
  10. Whose thoughts do I think? Whose food do I eat?

    imo there's a difference between thinking and putting thought into a given thing vs thought-form-energy arising enough to prompt some random thought. The random thought form energy arising, is because of energy remainder in the whole equation there somewhere. Tis why breathwork is the prerequisite, control the input signal of the olfactory nerve and then it helps the other cranial nerves attenuate. Once those accomplishments are made, then one can experience superlatively long moments at very high efficiency and the niwan wont bulge soda bubbles and pop off randomly from the energy not resolving fully there. (That forms the basis for the above baseline energy that forms, too. Gung drives breath duration and vice versa.) When those states are possible on a daily basis, it leaves a certain sweet coherence that allows for longer duration, more intense thought upon that given subject. Much less of the advanced-monkey-character's programming
  11. When Bored It's Time To Argue About Climate Change

    Boredom is simply an excess remainder of unresolved energy. When the base mechanisms are harmonized and the remainder disappears, so does this feeling of "boredom."
  12. MCO help needed

    I thought that was the price at first
  13. Laissez Le Climate Change Just Fizzle

    I must really stick in your craw pretty badly. Tragic but mildly amusing. Sorry ralis, I hated groupthink in preschool, though I think it took me until kindergarten to start becoming suspicious of the use of authority without reason. It is an innate part of my being that my gut has always reacted strongly against. And whether you have faith in the collective ability of humans to resolve technical matters or not is another matter aside from where the future will take the planet. If your heroes win the game, then we can look to the georgia guidestones for how many people the earth will have - if my side winds, the sky's the limit, man If Good wins (ya know, my side,) fine minds will devise the technology to support that number. If evil wins (ya know, the sick twisted progressive globalism stuff you believe in,) then its 1984, brave new world, and V for Vendetta all rolled into one for humanity I agree that we should move towards better technologies - but there is simply no emergency that requires massive, massive subsidy (and malinvestment) meaning this absolutely has to happen asap within 10 years or we're going to burst into flames. That's just bad climate models missing the mark on fundamental pieces of input being extrapolated out until they blow up.
  14. Laissez Le Climate Change Just Fizzle

    ah yes, the overpopulation alarmists, who have a longer track record of failure than climate predictions
  15. This is a must see

    If I'm ever captured and tortured, they will know to play country music in my prison cell the bass was smoove, and though it wasnt any showcasing of abilities, you could tell he knows vibrato comes from the elbow
  16. What are you watching on Youtube?

    these dudes jam
  17. Movement Arts That Are Non-Martial

    martial or non martial, good forms have good structure, its all in application and intent
  18. People should just stop using the word democracy, because nearly every time its used, its misused. A taoist would understand that an entrenched, unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy that can utilize the state's services to further their own whims and goals is a threat to ANY form of governing....unless of course you're shooting to have the government and security services from V for Vendetta, aka where the deep state traitor network was taking the planet...
  19. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    "You assume there is loss through movement, yet this is only because nothing is gained in stillness" As anyone who has actually attained real samhadi knows, your focus is either maintained, or byebye samhadi. Deep emptiness is most certainly quite full - but there's a significant difference between the words 'void' and 'oblivion'
  20. Yijing for meditation

    hehe, for the pre heaven bagua, you can think something like sfq's merging of yin and yang inside of me framework there yijing is an alchemy codex of sorts, but one needs a foundation (i.e. flux in energy centers) in order to execute its patterns - the huo hou tu depicts it pretty well.
  21. Yijing for meditation

    am I seriously the only person in the entire world that treats 'em as direct expressions
  22. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I hope Yoda's path is flourishing no matter where he is, even if he's still doing what we may consider to be funny ornamental daoistey stuff. Its not exactly out of the question that one's master would advise against the shit shows that forums often wind up being.
  23. very advanced energy practice

  24. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    why ya hatin' on the luchador masks simply put, he just chooses to keep his face hidden. dont give away your energy he's like 56, absolutely shredded, powerlifts, can put his legs into lotus without using his hands, does splits up against the wall, he's got like f'n 37 inch quads. eats once a day. the dude is no joke, and I'm just calling balls & strikes. AND he is the *only* person to have understood my 3dantiens mco writeup without my having to explain it to him (the first one that was so oversimplified 'nobody' understood it, lol) now perhaps the thread slide here should stop, because lone man pai is off topic in this thread. folks can go gripe in drew's thread if they want to keep griping, and to what end, someone wants answers that they dont want to go look up or something, acting like a poor student and demanding answers of others. in the olden days, your master would beat you for doing shit like that.