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  1. In case of a zombie apocalypse. my weapon of choice... Light sabre

  2. Rare Martial Arts (post them)

    I think it is now time for me to leave this thread, although a passion fight talk is not the reason I joined the site. All the best.
  3. Rare Martial Arts (post them)

    I really should learn how to use this form.... Quote old school style: "Generally speaking, I would say, whenever you need more than three strikes to down an opponent, you have a problem" from the post above. This is usually not the case in my experience. This whole one hit one kill thing is such a myth. I once spared against a guy, and accidentally kicked him right in the junk hard enough to break a couple of my toes and he didn't eve go to the floor, and we both continued fighting, Me more-so out of pride because he didn't have to stop. I've also done a lot of security and door work, and when your adrenaline is up you can take a lot of abuse. In that environment, its usually something as simple as a wrist lock and take down that can de-escalate the situation. anyway, enough of a rant... Just, don't count on that one hit to end the brawl idea, You'll get your but handed to you. Regards.
  4. Rare Martial Arts (post them)

    Chi Sinking and Immovability, Fun in the dojo, not real practical. This is me and a friend in my garage. clip.wmv regards.
  5. Rare Martial Arts (post them)

    Sorry interoperating should be incorporating auto correct and dyslexia, a dreadful mix.
  6. Rare Martial Arts (post them)

    Hello, I'm not so sure if the styles I train in would be consider rare, but they are a little less mainstream. My primary system is Isshinryu, which a karate-jitsu (first from Hanshi Albert Mady and now from Hanshi Chris Thomas), also Cross-train in Alambra style Arnis-de-mano (have several books autographed by Dante Alambra the current lead man in the system), Modern Arnis and have had opportunity to train with Remy Presas Jr. a very nice fellow, A long time back I trained in a style of Kalai, forget the name, with master Soney Sanata, Also trained in a hybrid style of Ju-jitsu with the late Shihan Steven Prince. As well as numerous other systems and styles. And am now interoperating Kyusho jitsu and Tuite Jitsu into what I have already learned. It is very exciting stuff. Just as an aside... All systems have the potential of being deadly, there are only so many ways you can manipulate the human frame, so, there is a lot of overlap between systems. Just train clean, try and be a good person. I like this clip a lot. Neither of the people are me.... just like the clip.
  7. Qi Meridians and Acupuncture points

    Again cool stuff and thanks. Thought I would share this bit, it is an ad of sorts, but is kinda cool. It is my Isshenryu (a type of karate) and kyusho (pressure point work) instructor, who also teaches Yang 24 Tai Chi. Hope you all enjoy. D.
  8. the lieh tzu

    I loved reading lieh tzu. It really redefined the Tao for me. So simplistic but such depth. I love when he compares the Tao to a fleck of ant dung to illustrate that the Tao is also the small, seemingly insignificant things in the world. Thanks for starting this string.
  9. Basic Taoist Help?

    Sorry "Relation Religion" should be "Relating Religion" Tired eyes and spell check. ta
  10. Basic Taoist Help?

    Hi AnnieeBubble: At the risk of sounding like a.... think of a list of colourful adjectives and then your best put down... here I go.... It has been done... actually its been done a lot. There is a entire field of academia devoted to the study of world religions. It's called "Religious Studies" and what you have described in your opening post is a paraphrased introductory RLST's text book. You should really read some of these texts, and others. You should also read the works of Dr. J.Z. Smith PHD (Especially "Imagining Religion" &"Relation Religion") Also look at authors such as Dr.; Russell T. McCutcheon PHD, Dr. William Arnal Phd, Dr. Bruce Lincoln PHD, Dr. Julia Chang PHD, Dr. Willie Braun PHD, Dr, Darlene Juschka PHD, Glen Kanigan-Fairen MA, ABD (the last time I spoke with him)... to name only a few. Best of luck. I'm not saying you shouldn't do this, but if you do, do it with open eyes.
  11. Qi Meridians and Acupuncture points

    OOPS sorry misread.... GV 20 as GB 20.... don't I fee silly. Bed time... good night.
  12. Qi Meridians and Acupuncture points

    Hi, This thread is what brought me to this site... that and the wonder that is google. Just really wanted to add a couple points if I may (and will anyhow). I recognize the meridian flow charts from the green book, of touch for health... cool stuff good enough for meridian message, but not completely accurate go here: http://www.acupunctureproducts.com/ they have free links of the meridians and points and somewhere on their site they have a free mini pdf book. I know of two points where meridians have major convergences Stomach 12, this point activates all the yin meridians of the arms. and Spleen 6 this activates all the yin points of the legs. (sorry don't know the Chinese names of the points) I don't believe Gallbladder 20 is such a point, but am not sure. There are a wack of other minor crossings GB/Liver, GB/Spleen, Liver/spleen.... etc, etc.... Have a great day.
  13. Turning Invisible

    Hello: Interesting thread, Just a story, My father was a WWII vet. He had the ability to walk (say about 60 meters or so) out into an open field and just stand there, and before you new it he was gone... but he never moved. He said he had learned how to do it in the war. He was not a Taoist, nor was he a mage, in truth he was an atheist, something else he brought back from the war. Did he break the laws of physics? Did light pass through him? Highly doubtful. But he was able to go unseen. To the person how started this... Do what you do, I mean.... Liberation... not in Taoism. You live then your worm food, that is why I like it so much. No reincarnation, no karmic debt, that is why the ancients looked for ways to extend their lives, to become immortal... it was/is a one shot deal. Even the gods were finite. Do what you do, try and not impose yourself or your view on others, What's the line from Bill and Ted?? "Be Excellent to one-another."? My free advice, worth exactly what you payed for it. have a great day.
  14. I'm in! Admin. kindly disregard my emails...

    thanks folks.
  15. Well, I guess this is the place and time I tell you all who I am... But, I don't know that, so perhaps I'll tell you a bit about what I've done and what I'm doing, and you can then tell me who I am... Hello I am a male, married, 50+ two awesome kids 4 and 2, A Reiki master instructor, I went to school for a while, I have a BA PSYC/RLST and a second BA SOC, and an MA RLST. did some other stuff too... As an aside, I am cognitively Challenged/impaired and have a lot of difficulty with spelling. I'm a martial arts instructor, and am interested in TCM and its applications within the arts. As an undergrad in Religious Studies (RLST) my focus was primarily on Buddhism, its union with Taoism to become Chan Buddhism, and its union with Shintoism to form Zen Buddhism. as well as a wack of folk religions. But I really am about the Tao. Now, I am not what one might call a religions person, I'm not even what you might call a spiritual person, but I do accept that our limited range of perception, as humans, will never allow us to understand reality what ever that might look like. Babel babel.... anyway yeah, so, stumbled onto the site here while looking for some info on meridians and acupressure points and now here I am, all becouse I could not resist the erdge to chime in with my two cents worth of free information. yeah, guess I could stop now... Good night.