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  1. Temple style Taiji Quan

    IT IS already and again it is in all martial arts system! Spit and Swallow is nothing but a figurative term to describe FA (emission) and SWALLOW (to absorb or roll back or neutralize). THere are countless ways to do the SPIT AND SWALLOW. It is as universal as a strike or neutralization. THere are physical, energetic and spiritual implications of the Spit and Swallow and many systems (heck even within the same system) and boils down to personal achievements and consciousness likewise. It is funny that the western world mostly would look at the surface as in TERMS AND PHRASEOLOGY whilst the words alone were taken or interpreted literally from Chinese phraseology or even from classic Chinese transcripts or manuscripts. Heck, even the everyday and typical Chinese couldn't understand these ancient treasures without consulting from scholars, professors and the actual head of the movements - LET ALONE WESTERNERS DEBATING ABOUT THE PHRASEOLOGY. This can be seen also with Americans debating about the bible wherein the bible were originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic...later translated to Greek, Coptic, or even Latin BEFORE it was translated to Anglican or English texts. Simply put, if one has to study the internal martial arts - one has to understand that in the beginning, it is an ART (and science) that leads to deeper and more profound understanding philosophically, energetically and even spiritually.
  2. Temple style Taiji Quan

    SPIT/SWALLOW is a universal concept in martial arts...heck we have different names of it in our FMA (I practiced Filipino Martial Arts) before I went to Temple Style Tai Chi 20 years ago. All of these are just names and so don't get stuck with names and philosophies. Fighting is fighting and many philosophies about and within it ARE TRANSLATEABLE and can be transcended. What differs Temple Style Tai Chi from most others is that we don't get stuck with the LONG FORM practice and really it is about the internal cultivation of energy from Chi Kung to Tao Kung (Nei Kung). Heck, even the same terminology used within the tai chi circles have different implications and different meanings to it! Such as JIN or JING. Simply put, it is an ART and it is not a finite thing...one simply does not learn it as simple as disseminating an ABC CONCEPT that can easily be rationalized and intellectualized, in fact it is impossible! The actual energy transmissions are learned from meditations and not technique-based. And so to further the argument, the same FORM and MOVEMENT have different energetic, nuance and subtleties even within the Temple Style alone (let alone with other styles of tai chi). A Ward Off form for example can be used as a physical forms but have MANY ways to use it and not just as a traditional PENG function...it can be used as a ROLL BACK and even as a healing form!
  3. Temple style Taiji Quan

    plus the Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan practiced were based from monastic teachings from the Taiwan temples that were direct descendants of Taoist and Wudang Taoist Temples when mainland China went haywire during the expulsion and purging of the temples in different warring times and communist take over. Taiwan (and other islands and vicinities including other Chinese territories and South East Asian countries such as The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia...) were known havens and refuge of old taoist teachings. Not many people alone know that many types of KUNG FUs even existed and thrived in the various neighboring countries that were already rendered obsolete or non-existent even in Mainland China - such as the Ngo Go Kor (I believe that's the name)...and various ones like this: http://www.konghankungfu.com/historyofngochokun.html And also hidden taoist temples in the Philippines unseen from China since their expungement. I am sure there are many others in surrounding countries that thrived and obviously TAIWAN (source of where GM Waysun Liao was born) is also where the taoist temple and monastery where he grew up and learned Temple Style Tai Chi. Within the mountains of 7,500 islands of the Philippines alone, I have encountered an article about an old taoist sect there (if I find it, I will post it here). China alone isn't the only source of the tai chi and taoism, they have thrived and furthered their ever-evolving faith, practices and lifestyle - and that includes kung fu and tai chi. Temple Style is such...an old visage from the old Wudang culture.
  4. Open season?

    is Temple Style = Wabbits? LOL
  5. after 3 year...I get to respond THANKS, Dwai! LOL
  6. who wanted to learn, post and share some insights.....Namaste to all!