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  1. Zhong Yuan Qigong: real or fake?

    First of all - thank you for the discussion. And yes, these issues bothering me also. And from the discussion above i still dont get it : 1. why the majority is Russians? even the Canadian (as example) or other country ZYQ association consist mainly of Russian surnames... 2. linage is important. so far I dig solely up to 90'. does it mean ZYG is only 20 years old ( as they state 7000!)? how come there is no more information? no more discussions??? I say - imposible! 3. and I can confirm - from the first seminar minute we (complete novices) went in to long (up to one hour) practiced and yes I saw many people fainting (and the explanations "these people wasn't ready" or "had incompatibility with qigong" didnt sound right for me). That's why I raised a question - what is this? real of fake? what do you really know about it (excluding information from the few main "copy-pasted" websites). Sadly I dont have any chinese friends. Would be interesting to know what they do speak in they local language about it - I guess there must be more discussions on that topic than in english. We ("Complete novices") lack of such independent information to make a clear puzzle picture!!!!!!
  2. Zhong Yuan Qigong: real or fake?

    Hi there everyone! I need your knowledge, facts and information to share. I came up with some doubts of the qigong practice I do and under certain circumstances I started to raise a question whether Zhong Yuan Qigong is real at all? What amazed me that after I started to construct an "information puzzle" the picture I get is rather blurry than clear. * no one can explain me the lineage (origins) of it - but in other hand one repeats the mantra of "7000 years old? how come? * i practiced karate once upon and i know at least four worldwide recognized masters of the lineage (regarding history and evolution). How come that the only known master of ZYQ is Xu Mingtang? * how come that the "legend" of mentioned master and his ZYQ starts only at 90' and exclusively in post-soviet countries (I'm one of them) where people have no ideas about east and might believe to anything they are told. * how come google provides me so little information about it and the one I get is so limited, and seems is well organized "copy-paste" from only one origin. Seems as propaganda. No forum discussions, no constructive critics, no cons vs pros, no comparison. Only books in ebay...This is too weird in such information age. * I know that nothing is for free, but in my case mine instructor is focused more on money collection, obligations of weekly attendance and on the repeating mantra "you should prove you can belong to this school". Seems as "pyramid marketing" rather directing one to self-experience. * I dont know how about others but in mine case many times the Shaolin monastery has been mentioned as a keyword. Frankly, I got lost over explanations why and whether ZYQ is some secret teachings from Shaolin, whether only some principles been taken from it, whether is has something to do with Xu Mingtang family and succession, whether whether .... In result I contacted Shaolin (unless I got the wrong ones!) and they told : "shaolin temple have never originated any Shaolin's teachings what we have seen from‍, . The master Xu Mingtang‍ must have certificate or authorize‍d letter from shaolin temple, otherwise we can not prove that he have something to do with Shaolin monastery‍.". Probably with my doubts I would never meet Xu Mingtang to ask has he any certification or whats the real story behind the "keyword of Shaolin". Despice my experience and my doubts - I dont say ZYQ is bad or good. If one finds it suitable - I'm happy for him/ her, but at this moment I'm confused about it and not sure if it is a trusted and reliable way I go. I'm afraid to end up in the wrong direction. Therefore I ask you to share - WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ZYQ? ps. Im not interesting in ebay books or information solely found on few main websites. Thank you.
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