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  1. little tiny flying things

    I thought I was the only one. For me it started with floaters and then flashes. Neither started happening until I started qigong. Bruce Frantzis talked about negative qigong reactions but he never said anything about floaters and flashes so after researching I actually thought I had a detached retina but when I spoke to a general doctor she told me she saw no sign of eye damage. I still want to see a specialist just to be sure. This has been going on for almost a year now and it sometimes freaks me out but at least I'm not alone. Thanks for creating this thread.
  2. Jeet Kune Do

    To CT- When I was doing it they did have grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and even some grappling using Kali-Escrima sticks. At that time you had to be at level 2 to do any of the grappling. From my resrarch it's not like that anymore. They offer grappling at the entry level now. When my financial situation changes I'm definitely going to train in J.K.D. again although it will be a different school.
  3. Jeet Kune Do

    I know exactly how you feel. Back in the late 90's when I when I was looking for a style to study it was the traditional styles that appealed to me the most. Then when I checked out a J.K.D. school for the first time and everything changed. Maybe it was the clothes they wore which was black sweats and pants which gave it a street fight look. Maybe it was seeing kick boxing and muay-thai being used. Whatever it was I knew then and there that my search was over. I can attest it's definitely useful for self-defense.
  4. Iron Hand development

    Thanks you for your responses.
  5. Iron Hand development

    Is Iron Palm something that is taught in internal maetial arts?
  6. Drugs and Alcohol

    From my experience as a pothead there positives and negatives. T The negatives: It makes me extremely lazy to the point where all I want to do is eat and watch television. This has also made me gain unwanted pounds. Its also very hard to meditate because it enhances the monkey mind and It also makes me very cranky. The positives: Im much more sensitive to chi.and the few times I have practiced while high I can feel it flowing more intensely. But this isn't what I wamt. Part of the reason I even started qigong is because I want to quit and it has helped. From seven days down to four and next week two. I do notice the days I dont smoke and cultivate instead im far less cranky and stressed out. Bruce Frantzis in his book Relaxing into your being has a passage about marijuana and he basically says what's true for me at least is that it hinders progress. Im not even a year in but I do want to eventually reach a high level so ill have to quit which is fine by me
  7. Proving Breathless State to Medical Community

    I remember reading in a book that was written by a parapsychologist who said the reason why some scientist dont want to touch this area is because it damages their reputation which is very important in the academic world. There have been studies done in thewest but some of them come out inconclusive. In the book Beyond Biofeedback the yogi swammi rama was studied. In one test he wanted to prove the existence of psychokinesis. They wrapped him in a straight jacket and covered his mouth with a gasmask so that he couldn't move the object which was a weighed down needle with his breath. When he moved the weighed down needle even though they were baffled but not convinced even though they couldn't explain how he did it. I personally think that one day science will accept things like this but like most things it will take time. I dont think it will happen in my lifetime but it will happen
  8. Anyone into strength training?

    I used to workout on weight machines. I avoided free weights because I have a slightly herniated disc which I didnt want to make worse. I bulked up pretty quick anx it helped to boost my confidence but couple years in I started getting sharp chest pains and I intuitively knew it was from the weights. I decided to start over first using isometric as taught by John Peterson who also uses hindu pushups and squats and though I didn't get big liks with weights I did get stronger. Currently im doing cont conditioning which although is slow is very good especially for rehabilitation. Its done wonders for my back and knees
  9. High energy state attracting unwanted attention

    Greetings. If someone could answer a question or two I would be very grateful. I am quite new to meditation and was wondering if y Contact with spirits is unavoidable at high levels? because to be honest I have no I Interest in them. If not are there techniques in the internal martial arts to defend or shield against them? B.K.A. mentioned Circle walking which I think is aprt of I.M.A. but what about Hsing-I and tai chi? How intense can this get? I've spoken to two females that said they've had sex with spirits but they dont cultivate. I apologize in advance for my sentence structure im typing on a touchscreen smrt phone and I have large fingers. Also thanks in advance for reading.
  10. does kundalini make you infertile

    If u smoke the seeds it can
  11. martial artists in the real world?

    If you can find a good jkd school you can get some kali knife and stick fighting no doubt because of Mr. Inosanto. He used to give seminars in ny during the 90's but I dont know if he still does.
  12. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

  13. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    How long one must train before they can earn that type of strength?
  14. For a person starting out (me) I think this thread has been very informative. You get different views which may not answer everything but at least points you in the right direction. Im talking about cultivation In general. Thl Though im fascinated by John Chang I've no interest in his system