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  1. Russian Alchemy: Turning Lead into Gold

    Here is their site: It has also the mentioned patent partially translated.
  2. Hillary and Trump

    My guess is its because most won't take them as literally but how they are usually intended on forums. As an example if Kim Dotcom runs for a political position most wouldn't expect to get threads on a forum deleted where users write about what he did in the past with Megaupload and/or Mega just because it has connections to the topic of piracy (which is listed as forbidden).
  3. Rainbow Body....a matter of karma?

    About how much time have you spent per day with practice?
  4. Hillary and Trump

    What would happen in your opinion if Trump does a bad job as enabler and wins himself? Strategy paper from 2015:
  5. Hillary and Trump

    Compare the teeth in the following images. They look to similar for me. (open the last one in a new tab for zoom)
  6. Mo Pai Levels

    Could you elaborate on that statement?
  7. Wim Hof's Meditation

    I limit usually the duration. It would be nice to see some research with the breath pattern. There is some general research but they usually do it without specific exhale like this one for divers and with 4:40+:
  8. New Tesla Solar set up - 'Powerwall'

    Ok that's a rare exception but not the norm like it sounded above:
  9. New Tesla Solar set up - 'Powerwall'

    Can you give a reference for this beeing a common method? All I was able to find was a click bait article about one place in California "behind harris ranch" which supposedly is only open to locals by invitation: As Tesla is paying for the charging it sounds rather unlikely they would choose diesel generators over the cheaper power grid.
  10. New Tesla Solar set up - 'Powerwall'

    Well a backup gas fuel generator beating a smaller battery pack concerning power output shouldn't be a real suprise. Also during a power outage its probably not the best time to start vacuum cleaning. On the other hand the eu plans to ban vacuum cleaner with more than 900Watt from 2017. With this it would be possible to vacuum clean together with your partner at the same time during a power outage. Now that's progress.
  11. Disappearing threads ?

    It feels now like reading a 100 page book but having only 70 and no clue which ones are missing. In the past you got at least the empty pages at the correct position and knew where something was missing.
  12. Seriously. what happened to Miley Cyrus.

    Some pieces from wiki: (the "We Can't Stop." & VMA Performance with her transformation complete and where she used the new image fully was 2013)
  13. Jax on Dharmawheel

    How do you know it was kundalini and not something else like the mco opening?
  14. Wim Hof's Meditation

    Here he explains his experience with cold and around 2:00 he mentions tummo and how he started practicing it at one point: