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  1. When Time stands still

    Yet another double post, sorry
  2. When Time stands still

    I cannot explain that. But it wasn't necessarily an illusion.
  3. When Time stands still

    Double post, lagging phone!
  4. When Time stands still

    . Great observation. One of my favorite things my teacher ever said, "the tao is not what you think it is, it is the opposite. You see the effect but not the cause." -Master Chun Man Sit
  5. I sit on the edge of a chair with my hands palm down on my knees, chin tucked in, head top suspended, eyes not closed but eyelids relaxed
  6. When Time stands still

    by practicing and reinforcing the neural pathways the same effect can be achieved as in athletics and martial arts
  7. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    That doesn't matter. Boxers can fight without their gloves. Taiji teachers (most of them) can't fight with or without gloves. And those few who can got their fighting skills from their past experience, not from Taiji Quan practice. Just ask any Taiji teacher to demonstrate his fighting skills, and you'll hear that "it's too dangerous" or something like this. The truth is Taiji teachers don't fight, and modern Taiji Quan is not a martial art.. Taiji in essence is just the practice of efficiency and proper body mechanics. It is very much a real martial art and highly effective but only if it is understood. My teacher who is 62 and about 160lbs can through all of us around truly like is was nothing. He is just really good and very much a fighter. So I am going to have to disagree with you there
  8. When Time stands still

    The sense of slowing down is an illusion. Your brain turned off all of its information filtering routines and you are experiencing a fuller reality and are utterly focused on the moment at hand. Your perception being altered is the only thing that is happening
  9. "Bliss is almost like the absence of anxiety", I love this!
  10. This is a fun exercise I learned for loosening the pelvis. Start in a horse stance (wider the better but only is as comfortable), put your hands in front of you with your elbows touching your torso, fingertips extended, palms up, then rotate only the hips one direction for a minute and then the other. The motion is like a hula dancer's. This has helped me greatly and just thought I would share
  11. breathing

    I know who your talking about but I have never even met him. I am with Master Chun Man Sit who teaches Wu Style Taiji, Drifting Cloud Qigong, Six Healing Sounds and Six Elbows Kung Fu (his own conglomeration) . We match breathing (always through the nose) with movement except for natural breathing in certain qigong movements. He knows other things than what he teaches. He has this cool Chen form that emphasizes silk-reeling he learned from the late Master Feng and just has a great depth of knowledge in martial arts in general
  12. breathing

    Thank you. I hadn't really thought of doing it martially.
  13. breathing

    How often do you do reverse abdominal breathing? I just do it while walking mainly or in sitting meditation. Also, to breathe deeper do you exhale more (what I do) or inhale more?
  14. yin/yang theory applied to motion

    The bow itself is usually used for that example while the act of shooting the arrow is more about a ballistic motion.