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  1. advice? porn, masturbation, jing/qi

    Sexual energy can be changed to chi. There is a very specific way to do this. This kind of this must be taught one on one. Many chinese teachers if they know it refuse to teach it for various reasons. Porn and masterbation is fine but you need to learn how not to ejaculate and again change the sperm to chi. If you keep losing all your sperm it will hurt you sex life. I had a student come see me one time and said he is 29 years old. He had a very high sex drive his whole life and ejaculated everyday. Now he is getting married and has no sex drive. He also has problems getting erections. This man did not know what happen? I expained to him that he spend all his sexual energy now you are feeling the consequences, That is the short answer
  2. 1000 Dollars for Transcendental Meditation?

    Everything, I never practiced Trancendal Meditation but have paid for many $1000 courses and much more for information I wanted. A teacher has the right to charge what he feels his time or information is worth. If someone does not want to pay then they should look for another teacher. The reason why noone reveals the trancendenatal meditation on youtube is obvious. Would you pay $1000 for a course then go post the course on youtube for free for everyone else? The stars that wrote comments were most likely paid to make comments and or get a piece so that is another reason for the cost. About the right to freely share info. We do have that right! Some teachers make their living teaching and they charge alot because many students teach without their permission. I have seen student just learn info and go make a youtube video and post everything that was taught. So if the teacher charged a student very little money the student is more likely to do that. If he charges alot of money it protects the masters intellectual product in a way.
  3. Hello

    Hello all, This is my first post so I can post in forums. i have practiced qi gong for over 20 years and looking forward to talking with fellow practitioners.