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  1. Questions for Wang Li Ping?

    You can find the sleeping meditations, along with other methods, in this book: I don't think that reading the book and practicing by yourself will give the same results as silent thunder had at the seminar, but maybe I'm wrong. Thanks to silent thunder for sharing his experiences.
  2. Life after Awakening

    Try reading some of Eckhart Tolle's books or watch some videos with him. What you write sounds a lot like him, but without the pointless part. According to him the Universe is in a transition where we need to go beyond the mind (thoughts). After the shift in consciouness happened to him he sat on the park benches trying to figure out what happened, now he's a spiritual teacher and help others. Maybe you can go and talk him personally, he also has retreats from time to time where you can ask questions. From what he says he can stop thinking for long periods of time and not just in meditation, he can do it in the daily activites, too. To me it looks like you are still identifying with the thought of what's the point, I'm asking myself the same question, but it is what it is. If you can leave this thought aside and other thoughts too, what's left? In my case there are other thoughts...
  3. No thoughts

    Hi, I practiced yoga for a few years and now taoism. After attending a taoist seminar I'm interested in methods of stopping the flow of thoughts and be completely focused on what I'm doing.