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  1. Hello all

    Hi Student, thanks for the question. I suppose I'd call it a philosophical interest more than anything but I feel the spiritual side is starting to develop within me. Taoism always struck a chord with me whenever I read about it and so over the years I've made a point of being open to finding out more about it, allowing bits and pieces to filter through rather than striving to learn. I joined the British Taoist Association a couple of years back and later this year will attend one of their meditation retreats to see where that takes me.
  2. Hello all

    Thank you for the welcome messages and for the concern regarding my knees :-) Chi running technique helps ensure all is well in that regard. Now to familiarise myself with The Tao Bums
  3. Hello all

    Nice to be here, it looks to be a very interesting place. I am a real human, I don't think that has ever been questioned, a bot would have much better teeth than I do. In my spare time I enjoy long distance running to an almost obsessive degree :-)