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  1. Sad that nature is destroyed

    The extinction of the planet is happening trough monotheism. Monotheism or christianity is an army and a colonialist system with the goal to extinct all living beings of the planet. They control governments and industries. The pope was never removed from power which means that we live in a time of inquisition and purposely destruction of planets. Monsanto, monarchy, monotheism, monoculture. I search for a religion that is truely working against it. Most of them talk rubbish and protect and coverup monotheism.
  2. Sad that nature is destroyed

    Hello Basically I am very sad, seeing that religion and tradition of the people of the world is nothing more than a bad excuse to slay living beings for nothing. Spirituality is the value system of tortures and extinctors of life. We see in all cultures how they force overpopulation agree with the system and industry and basically dont do anything to speak out the important facts and find reasons and causes or trys to go into the right direction. Basically every living being is wiped out, I know who is doing it and what is behind it, but humanity is not interested a shit and all these religions are just silly ridiculous excuses to carry on. I came here thinking that maybe its different with this kind of religion here? Am I right? Is this religion right for me? Are you searching causes and heal them? Are you also from the opinion that all living beings are subdued to the supreme being and hence must all be wiped out? If so please let me know. Thank you, SuperExtremeBetter