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  1. menstruation and blood cleansing

    This is really solid. I also haven't done much ovarian breathing but with all of my issues I can see starting simpler is best. And especially waking up with the sun. Went through some really hard sicknesses and I'm not on the sleep cycle I'd like to be. Been 4 months since my last period and I know its related to scheduling diet and emotional health. My stomach is a mess so I can't eat without it coming up either. All that to say I have so many issues that pinpointing easy places and teas to start are sooo helpful!
  2. menstruation and blood cleansing

    Thank you rainbow. Seems to be a good start. I've not heard of this tea so I'm excited to check it out. What meditation practices do you do? I have read a bit on ovarian breathing and no doubt that's also a great place to start. My health and stomach are sensitive to most foods so I've been fighting sickness for awhile so while I'm normally extremely athletic I stopped that awhile ago. I also have blood and kidney issues. So all of this plays a part. I love your suggestions and know I can start there. Thanks
  3. menstruation and blood cleansing

    Anyone know any practices for healthy menstruation and cleansing the blood?
  4. new to tao bums

    Hmm... ok, so what would you suggest? and what do you disagree with/ aren't particular on when it comes to Mantak Chia?
  5. new to tao bums

    Thank you. Ive started laying a foundation with breath and meditation hearing that's a good place to start. I've also been studying MCO. My main goal would be health and spiritual maturity. I want personal as well as health development. I have weak kidneys, liver, and spleen. I also have some issues with blood toxicity. That's what got me here I guess. Hearing about practices that women do so they don't need to have menstrual cycles and saving those eggs, well I really want to study that. All that to say if anyone knows people that can help me in those goals, that'd be amazing. I will study up on tantra though. I also have Mantak Chia's book on Healing love through the tao( think that's the name) .
  6. new to tao bums

    I'm new here and just learning my way around. my boyfriend practices Qigong and I have been betting into TCM and I'm excited to find some sexual cultivation practices for women. I'd love all the *serious* help I can get!!