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    Hmm... ok, so what would you suggest? and what do you disagree with/ aren't particular on when it comes to Mantak Chia?
  2. new to tao bums

    Thank you. Ive started laying a foundation with breath and meditation hearing that's a good place to start. I've also been studying MCO. My main goal would be health and spiritual maturity. I want personal as well as health development. I have weak kidneys, liver, and spleen. I also have some issues with blood toxicity. That's what got me here I guess. Hearing about practices that women do so they don't need to have menstrual cycles and saving those eggs, well I really want to study that. All that to say if anyone knows people that can help me in those goals, that'd be amazing. I will study up on tantra though. I also have Mantak Chia's book on Healing love through the tao( think that's the name) .
  3. new to tao bums

    I'm new here and just learning my way around. my boyfriend practices Qigong and I have been betting into TCM and I'm excited to find some sexual cultivation practices for women. I'd love all the *serious* help I can get!!