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  1. Thanks for your generous promotion offer, looking forward to reading it
  2. buzzing sound

    Nope, just a simple meditation practice of focusing on the breath for 1-2 hrs a day.
  3. buzzing sound

    OP, you asked whether others have experienced that buzzing sound, I've experienced it continuously for the past 12 years or so. I became aware of it at the same time I felt subtle energy in my spine, and chakra's unblocked one by one. Whether the sound was there before I couldn't say, but I never noticed it until I started meditating. I've sometimes used the noise as a focus point for meditating on, but without anything of note occurring. Likewise, the sound has never changed in pitch, and I've never found it annoying.
  4. Who am I?

    Thanks for the reply. I think cognitive neuroscientists etc refer to it as the "Hard problem of consciousness". I remember watching a video of Noam Chomsky where he said it's a mystery we may never comprehend - like motion in the 18th century.
  5. Who am I?

    Interesting. Sri Ramana Maharshi is quoted as saying: "In the vision of death, though all the senses were benumbed, the aham sphurana (Self-awareness) was clearly evident, and so I realised that it was that awareness that we call "I", and not the body. This Self-awareness never decays. It is unrelated to anything. It is Self-luminous. Even if this body is burnt, it will not be affected. Hence, I realised on that very day so clearly that that was "I". It would appear he believed he was something singular and not a collection of things (body, thoughts etc). Of course, I may be mistaken in stating that, as I am no expert on his teachings (atma vichara).
  6. From my own readings I believe you are correct: Ramana was located at Arunachaleswara temple and Gurumurtam temple; after his awakening. He was located at the Arunachala caves at a later date; in the region of 2-4 years later I believe. From biographies I've read, such as Paul Brunton's, it said Ramana would be absorbed to such an extent, he would wake up and have no idea how he moved from one spot to another; the assumption was that he was picked up and moved.
  7. David Godman said in one of his Youtube video's that Sri Ramana Maharshi suddenly changed from being the picture of health to ill health and difficulty to walk etc. David Godman said that Sri Ramana Maharshi indicated it was from taking on the karma of those who visited him that led to the ill health. Apparently this karma could be mitigated when in samadhi, but as he aged Sri Ramana Maharshi didn't enter that state as often, so there was less opportunity to remove the karma from his body. The explanation was along those lines to my memory.
  8. It's always interesting reading your posts Wells, I hope you find something new to practice and I will enjoy reading all about it.
  9. Hillary and Trump

    Trump is anti-semitic? are you referring to Isreali's and Jews specifically or to the wider semite population that includes Muslims? From what I've read Trump appears to be very much pro-Isreal, which is highlighted in the following article: Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders hail election of Donald Trump, whose campaign promises would overturn decades of US foreign policy https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/nov/09/israel-donald-trump-netanyahu-jerusalem Roy Cohn, a prominent Jewish attorney in the 1970's, represented Trump and was somewhat a mentor. The business circles Trump worked in, he must have worked with alot of Jews, is there any solid evidence Trump is anti-semitic?
  10. ..

    The potential of WW3 is not a delusion of the conspiracy nuts, all the credible and non-credible western newspapers have articles discussing this exact subject, and all agree relations between Russia and the West have never been worse. We have troops massing on the Russian border, Biden wanting to send Russia a message with a cyber attack, an order for Russian workers to return to the motherland, 40 million Russians engaging in drills and we have Russian warships sailing down the English channel in a days time. People seem to dismiss Syria as not important enough to trigger WW3, I disagree, it's a strategic country for energy pipelines and it's close proximity to Isreal make it a tinderbox. If Isreal's and Russia's military clash in that area then it will easily drag the UK, US, and other Middle East country into a conflict.
  11. Hillary and Trump

    No you are not, I have serious concerns over Syria and how Clinton will handle it; she will undoubtable become president. I've discussed this issue on other bulletin boards, and the Clinton supporters generally don't seem to see it. Claiming her experience makes her the best candidate when it comes to Syria. Nixon had plenty of prior experience under Eisenhower when he became president, but it didn't stop him making a disaster of Vietnam and bombing Cambodia. I could see Clinton following in a similar vein as that in Syria.
  12. Hillary and Trump

    My two cents, if I was American, which I am not, I would vote for Trump. The two reasons i pick Trump: 1. The most serious issue at the moment is America's relations with Russia. At least Trump once suggested he would like to "get along with Russia", unlike the poison that drips between Putin and Clinton. Trump's faults are small fry compared to the possible WW3 / Nuclear scenario the neo-cons, Isreal lobby and Clinton seem dead set on creating. 2. Trump correctly highlighted in the debate the current bubble we have, perhaps the biggest ever, propping up share prices. Trump probably has more experience sorting out financial messes than Clinton, considering the times he has filed for bankruptcy. He may also have experience of getting the better of bankers.
  13. Life After Death? Life After Life?

    Yup, the papers are maybe unreliable, but they cannot be dismissed out of hand. I do know Dr Sam Parnia has been researching NDE's are quite some time, but due to other commitments I haven't the time to verify what the Express reported. My personal opinion is awareness is not dependent on the body, and once the body dies awareness is free to go on it's merry way. I believe awareness/presence is the movie screen the movie plays on and continues to exist once the movie ends. The research by Mr Parnia proving that awareness survives once the brain stops functioning, the brain and body simple being a machine that awareness animates.
  14. Life After Death? Life After Life?

    According to the following article - reported in many UK newspapers - in some 'near death' experiences death does occur but the process is reversed. http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/670781/There-IS-life-after-DEATH-Scientists-reveal-shock-findings-from-groundbreaking-study "Scientists had believed the brain ceased all activity 30 seconds after the heart stopped pumping blood around the body, and that awareness stopped at the same time. But research from the University of Southampton suggests otherwise. A new study shows people continue experiencing awareness for up to three minutes after death."
  15. reality is like a dream

    Scientists have/are contemplating the idea that reality is a dream slash matrix: http://www.onbeing.org/program/uncovering-codes-reality/feature/symbols-power-adinkras-and-nature-reality/1460 --------------------------------------------- Physicists at The Australian National University (ANU) have conducted John Wheeler’s delayed-choice thought experiment, which involves a moving object that is given the choice to act like a particle or a wave. Wheeler’s experiment then asks – at which point does the object decide? http://www.anu.edu.au/news/all-news/experiment-confirms-quantum-theory-weirdness -------------------------------------------- One of the oddest predictions of quantum theory – that a system can’t change while you’re watching it – has been confirmed in an experiment by Cornell physicists. http://phys.org/news/2015-10-zeno-effect-verifiedatoms-wont.html#jCp