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  1. Hello from a new guy

    Thank you guys!
  2. Hello from a new guy

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to taobums. I have run into this forum plenty in my search for info on topics such as meditation and qigong. But I have never registered until now. That is because I have been more of a watcher and thinker but have started to move into a doer. I have begun to practice and I have found a home in meditation and internal arts. I am fascinated with the energies that flow through us and how we can learn to understand and use them for our growth and evolution. The taobums is such a valuable resource, that I plan on using, to further my understanding and practice, and in the future my goal is to help others if I can. I know this is a brief introduction but I feel that words, especially on the internet, are in overabundance. I will do my best to be a respectful and considerate member of the forum. Looking forward to learning and growing with the other members Phillip