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    thank you very much for your answer... where are the fundamentals of reverse breathing..? in the book the multiorgasmic man..?
  2. Hello everyone.. i have been practicing the cool draw exercise from the mantak chia┬┤s book the multiorgasmic man consistently about 1 month ago.. i do have feel the energy removed from my testicles down to my perineum, but i have a bit of a contradiction problem... in the book it doesn┬┤t especify what should be the movement of the belly or the stomach in coordination with breathing, i mention this because when im meditating ( or doing the cool draw exercice which for me tends to be the same as dharana in yoga but the focal point is not breathing instead the cool draw exercise) i tend to expand the belly when i exhale and contract it when exhale , this is done on yoga as part of the sivananda┬┤s tradition... when im doing the cool draw i get a contradiction with the coordination because it is stated that chia that one must INHALE and feel the energy drawing from the testicles to the perineum, when i do this, my body " feels" as if i where drawing this energy to myself and my stomach contracts, instead of expanding which should be what it should be doing.. so i lose my concentration on the exercise because of this... should i do this exercise witouth the expand/contract coordination on the belly and instead just focus on the energy..?? thanks for any help it would be appreciate it.

    Hello everybody. my name is ronald im from a big country located in southamerica called Colombia. i have interests on all that have to do with the energies of the bodies and how to use them in benefit of health. i currently practice Sivananda┬┤s tradition yoga ( which mainly is hatha yoga) and have done some kung-fu, but have not continue due to lack of a good teacher/master here on my city.. i have interests on learning kung-fu tien shan pai style some day, and learning also advanced qigong and TCM. some day i guess i will travel to USA or China to learn with a proper master. Im Currently practicing some exercices from the mantak chia┬┤s book the multiorgasmic man, more especifically the cool draw, and that┬┤s why i created this account, since i have some dificulties with that exercise. but that would be a topic for another forum. thank you very much for taking the time to read this. i hope i can learn from you guys. greetings.