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  1. Hello Tao Bums

    Hi Yascra, Thanks for your quick reply and approval of my introductory post. Though I work with/on a computer every day, Im not what you would call a computer whiz and am not familiar with all the language/terms. I always wondered what the difference was between a blog and a forum, thanks for pointing that out to me. Even at my age, you're never to old to learn something new btw, great quote at the bottom of your email "see ya around" Laith
  2. Hello Tao Bums

    Hello Tao Bums My name is Laith and am writing to you from Germany. I signed up a few days ago for you Blog. I actually came across it quite by chance! Many years ago (1996) I started learning the Flying Phoenix Chi Kung, from videos that Terry Dunn put out in the 90's. Over the last 17 years I've completed all the of the material he taught on those tapes. As, I come from a M.A. background, I have met many different Chi Kung and Tai Chi practioners and instructors. Yet in all those years I have never met anybody else that practices or has even heard of the Flying Phoenix Chi Kung. Well, imagine my surprise, when around Oct/Nov 2013 I somehow came across your Tao Bums Blog. I really don't remember how I ended up on here, but I decided to scroll around a little in your General Discussion section. I got about half way down the page, I thought my eyes were gonna pop out of my head... there in front of me, was a whole section dedicated just for the Flying Phoenix Chi Kung!!! Needless to say, I felt like I just won the lottery Well, it took me about 4 weeks to read through all the post. Since then, I've contacted Sifu Terry Dunn, through email and gave him an update of my training over the years. Although I mainly keep up with the Flying Phoenix section, I have looked around into other parts of the Forum and found that you have a great selection of very interesting topics, that I would like to delve into more, in the future. Though all of us here, may not be Taoist,in the literal sense... never the less, we are all "Travelers on the Path" from Alpha-Omega. I'm glad I came upon this little community by chance or luck, and look forward to contributing in a positive way. greetings from Germany Laith