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  1. Taoism, Primal, Nature

    Thank you everyone for the responses. I am trying to improve the variety of color in my vegetable intake at this time. Instinctively that seems a Taoist thing (wu hsing correspondence, etc.), but don’t have a source for that idea. Starjumper – thank you for the post. I actually haven’t considered that directly (kick in the butt). Allopathic medicine is always so focused on healing dysfuction instead of preventing it with healthy improvement. What Western foods/herbs would be considered tonifying? (not necessarily American, but foods native to this part of the world?) Also, how could I find out what foods are most appropriate for my personal balance? Liminal Luke – Couldn’t agree more!! Paleo has given me development with less drowsiness, less need for sleep, more energy throughout the day and a feeling of clarity. The theoretical basis for the diet seems to fit the Taoist reverence for nature as well J Dawei thank you for the modification. Not familiar with actually posting in forums, and didn’t know if I was able to modify it after the initial post lol. Dee – totally agree with sugars (other than fruits) and organic when I can. Alas, i’m a full time student right now, and organic is often sacrificed for other things in the budget.
  2. Taoism, Primal, Nature

    and disregard MovNat, totally different topic.
  3. Taoism, Primal, Nature

    Taoism honors natures for its analogous lessons and it's representative cycles. Recognizing that we are animals and ride those cycles, even as we try master them, it seems very Taoist to explore nutrition from the stance of what is "natural" to the human beast. I've been paleo for about a year now, and have been fully satisfied in that choice, but wonder about the Taoist view on diet? I assume seasonal, natural foods never to excess in general, but are there any ideas more specific? And if they are specific, and based in more ancient Chinese culture, how would you apply them in a modern, Western environment?
  4. Good Evening

    Somehow, I have ended up at this site multiple times throughout the past couple of years :-). I suppose it's time to say hello. Currently researching historical and current Taoism and exploring it's place in regard minimalism, paleo and primal lifestyle, evolutionary medicine, reiki and my whatever my martial art obsession is this week ha! Started with a background in Wicca (dang teenagers) and evolved from trying to answer the question "why" (tsk tsk...not even in the right question) Personal background in law enforcement, emergency medicine and the military. Taoism as it relates to conflict resolution also an obvious interest.