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  1. Strange Dream Vibrations after meditation session.

    Thanks for all the input, This out of body experience thing has really sparked my curiosity, but i am still a bit apprehensive about it I think it is best to continue training to increase my control over such things before I wander off into the deep end and try to induce it. It would, however, be great to rid myself of this sleep paralysis though. It's quite annoying. But as long as these vibrations arent seriously harming me I guess I will just let it happen if it happens again. I can never help my sleep paralysis anyway and I haven't been using any remedy for it so I'm guessing it will probably recur at some point.
  2. Strange Dream Vibrations after meditation session.

    So, is this out of body experience a dangeous thing that I should be avoiding because I don't really know what I'm doing. What if my soul or whatever leaves my body and I cannot get back in? Are there things that can harm me in this out of body experience? Or is it an experience that I should be encouraging for increased spirituality?
  3. Hello. I just had quite an intense dream and wondered if anyone could tell me a bit about it. Background Information about myself (feel free to skip): I have recently started meditating and am a beginner. However I have had (at least this is what I think they are) lucid dreams for many years before I started meditating. They were paralysis dreams where I dream I am lying in my bed but cannot seem to move. I always used to try and wake up by rolling off the bed or something but I always reappeared in the same spot if this makes any sense at all. It was such a mission to break out of my sleep and such a relief when I did. I believe this all started many years ago when I was around 16 years old. My Grandpa had died and 2 weeks later my uncle (who I had never met before but who always wanted to meet me) died as well.This possibly sparked my first spiritual experience where I had paralysis in my sleep about a week later and I heard this voice was calling out my name. It was very creepy at the time and I didn't think at all that maybe it was one of their spirits contacting me, although in retrospect I think that is likely. The next night, I had a dream where I had a premonition about my own death and instantly had instense dream paralysis in my room. Then this black blotch appeared near the upper corner of the room and started growing and growing. It felt like death was coming to take me or something. If anyone has any interpretation on this, it would be appreciated but not altogether too important since it was so long ago. Since then I have had sleep paralysis on a regular basis but it has become less intense. It used to feel like there was this strong force pressing my whole body down before, but I don't get that anymore. It's much less dramatic now, but sometimes I feel like this force is attaching on to a part of my body which really prompts me to try and wake myself up as it's quite unpleasant. It's usually on the middle parts of my body. Sometimes a force squeezing my sides or something attaching onto my back. The experience I want to ask about: So, I was meditating today and did about 40mins. I am currently trying to work on microcosmic orbit channels. Then I went to sleep straight after meditation. I just plopped onto my bed. This was in the afternoon. I was dreaming just a regular dream, but I was quite aware I was dreaming. Then suddenly the setting changed to me being sprawled on a carpet and there was an intense vibration. It was quite a quick frequency. Not like an earthquake or anything. More like a phone's vibration, except it wasn't pulsing. I think it was everywhere at first (around the room and my body), but then I think it changed to mainly being in my throat and mouth area. This got me quite alarmed at first. But then I calmed down and I appeared in my room lying on the bed in the paralysis state again. There was vibrations for a short bit but stopped, at which point I just tried to get myself awake again as usual. This may have been accompanied by a few pleas of help to god during the vibrations with any strength that I had. . I'm wondering was this some detrimental affect of going to sleep straight after meditation or perhaps it has no spiritual connection.
  4. Hello there.

    Hello. I am a beginner at meditating and I have read topics in this forum in the past, but I have now created an account because I seek the answer to something strange. Divineatheist.