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  1. The Earth seems to want my sperm

    So, as some of you can imagine, attempting to activate the Earth chakra without weeks or even months of abstaining from ejaculation is futile. If it helps, just think of the Earth as a jealous bitch who wants all of your semen, or else she ain't giving you nothin'! Giving your semen to a tissue, or even another woman, just won't cut it. My past successful attempts at activating the root chakra, when semen was plentiful, yielded as much material wealth as I wanted, as well as any personal physical healing I was in need of. From what I can surmise, the root chakra is literally the rectum, and the rectum controls your blood (not the heart - the heart is a secondary organ to the rectum). Healing your rectum in turn heals your blood; healing your blood in turn heals whatever physical need you have - whether it's physical healing, money issues - anything material is healed with rectum acitvation and plenty of semen.