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  1. how to bring up this topic among friends?

    my case is that i am pretty much bored with everything the world has to offer, or at least i'm not interested in investing too heavily. the time when i really feel alive and excited to be that way is when i get to talk to people about their true self, when the search for the self is foremost in the mind. but the thing i can't figure out is, how i can bring this into my life. it's never going to just "come up" in conversation, and its focus is so far away from what we usually spend all our time talking about that it's very left-field when i do bring it up, and the subject rarely gets picked up by the group. it's as though some silent alarm goes off in the mind and all the minds rush towards other topics. do you have any experience with this? have you found friends in real life who are pursuing this path as well? how do you bring this into your life? i feel sometimes that no one is so committed to this as i am and i sometimes wonder if that doesn't mean i just have to be alone most of the time.
  2. ---

    If people are waiting for nirvakalpa samadhi to be continuous in their lives, maybe they will have to wait forever. the bliss of ananda is not an experience, it is an understanding which underlies all experiences, from the most blissful to the most painful. the bliss is in knowing that both pain and pleasure are happening to something that is other than YOU. we waste so much time letting our expectations of "what it will be like" interfere with our inquiry into what it is, here and now as you read these words, which is already blissful, which is already sat-chit-ananda. the person who expects their experience to change very drastically is still the same person who is in the way of your realization of your true self.
  3. Here and now mean different things on the internet

    i am joining this forum because i want to connect with people who are aware of the possibility of enlightenment, and who have decided to address their own lives towards that goal. I am very passionate about the ability in each of us, here and now, to discover the new understanding of ourselves which people have called enlightenment. i believe that our ideas about what enlightenment might "look like" in ourselves are causing us to miss the point that enlightenment is that which is looking. i believe that freedom is our natural state, and that all sense of unfreedom is caused by our exclusive attachment to our own personal little self. i believe that freedom dawns when we discover that we have never been the person who we are. I believe this to be a discovery that requires no specific sadhana and no amount of time, and i believe that we are now called to be our own gurus and take the direct path to our own enlightenment, our own realization of our own falsity, so that we can begin to play our parts with greater joy and less seriousness and the absence of poisonous competition. so that we can color outside the lines, and take the parts that call to us from all the different spiritual paths and teachers, and create our own sadhanas, and work in our own lives towards the full expression of our little self, our free personality, which will be the same thing as coming to rest in the infinitude of the nondual self. I believe that the creativity inside yourself is god, and i believe that each of us as individuals are here to express something very important, and i believe that the only obstacles we ever encounter are the ones we have put there for us to grow by transcending them. and i want to meet people who are as excited about this process as i am... the spiritual path has become my fun and my full-time-job and my vacation home and my career, and i know that there are others who feel this way too. i think the whole thing is more simple than we give it credit for; i think the answer is always "both." I think that liberation is something which can occur in any life and at any time, and i want to share my impressions of our potential in conversation with others who are interested strongly in this. i think we are a rare breed. This is my first time since my fat-kid days in highschool that i will be using a forum, and i really wish the world were full of our kind and we could meet in a shared timespace, but i am excited to meet your minds, and i am excited to have found you.