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  1. if you practice the Tao, you have to drink beer..
  2. Here's another burning question

    If there is no "I" then there are no other people.
  3. what is reality and what is illusion ?

    Philip K. Dick - A Maze of Death
  4. What exactly IS the law of duality ?

    The Dao produced One; One produced Two; Two produced Three; Three produced WanWu. The law of Triality.
  5. Binary Yin & Yang

    David E. Mungello. Leibniz's Interpretation of Neo-Confucianism
  6. 搜神記 Really interesting book. It contains some information about immortals.
  7. (possibly) front channel block

    Probably - activation of the channels due to meditation. In this case its better to practice Taijiquan (slow form).
  8. Three masters of Chen style - Chen Xiaoxing, Chen Xiaowang, Chen Yu.
  9. Tai Chi Body Coordination Demo

    Position of the center of Qi concentration can be corrected through a Zhan zhuang standing. During practice energy should gradually descend into the abdomen. Here is a good example Chen Xiao Wang teaches Zhan zhuang standing
  10. Tai Chi Body Coordination Demo

    Yes, your Qi to too high. It's near the shoulders.
  12. Texts for preliminary neidan study

    Vitalii, you post your translations here, not me. I'm just wondering why this translation is not complete.
  13. Texts for preliminary neidan study

    Vitalii, the text contains yet another character 缘. How could you miss it in your translation?