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  1. Stay strong, this is a demon that many our age have had to conquer, myself included. It takes alot of will and internal power, most people dont even recognize this as an issue, so for you to be able to pinpoint this puts you far ahead of the curve, Females our age lack substance, so perhaps instead of going to the bar looking for them, go to Barnes and Noble and find someone to talk to there. We both know what caliber of female lurks at the bar, the clubs, etc. Acknowledge the things you truly enjoy doing, and when you go on a date, bring her along with you to one of "your" things. Trust me I know this struggle very well, I am the same age as you, just STAY STRONG, use your inner power, picture this issue as a demon and slay it, for you are a warrior
  2. Hello! New to the Tao Bums, and glad I found this

    Thank you all for the positive responses, again I am glad that there is a community of such gifted individuals who are willing to speak freely of such topics. Pai_Mei, I did not train with him formally, although I did do a 2 hour training session with him yesterday in NYC at a local Dojo. With doing so I am now able to take his advanced classes next time he comes back into town. Also I will be leaving for Florida for a few weeks this upcoming Monday, I will be staying in the Sarasota area. If anyone is doing any classes or would like to train me please shoot me a message on here. Thanks!
  3. Hello there! Thank you for reading. My name is Joe, I am 25 years old and I reside in the Hudson Valley, a beautiful and fertile area north of NYC. I have lived in this area my entire life. Life here is strange, as the people here are very complacent with the area and the normal workings of life. Questioning of the status quo is frowned upon, (from my experience) and it is the social norm to "go with the flow"... I am not one of those people who can accept this sort of life, as i always had a feeling that there was much more to existence than folks cared to realize. My venture into the realm of the unknown started without my concious knowledge when i was 4. I awoke one morning to see 2 pearlescent older white haired women standing in my doorway. 1 in a wheelchair, the other using a walker moving towards me. I can still see the image in my mind today.. I ran to my parents room, and told them what i saw, and upon my explanation, my mother let me know that they were both of my great grandmothers and reassured me that they were there to protect me. My experiences did not end there, for most of my childhood life, I was plagued by entities that would show themselves to me, in real life, and in my dreams. Some were non threatening, I assume just attempting to show themselves, yet some were malevolent, attacking me in my dreams, leading to night terrors which lasted well into my middle teens. The worst thing is no one would believe me. My parents discounted my tales of battling demons at night, as they said these things were fictitious, elements which i had made up in my subconscious, yet i was the only one who knew the truth. I spent most nights, wide awake, watching these things move through my room, following me into my dream state to terrorize me, I eventually became stronger, my soul grew, my power over them grew, and i gained the ability to fight them, to cast them out of dreams. Lucid dreaming became a nightly reality, waking up deep within my sleep to do whatever i wanted, fly wherever i wanted, visit distant lands, and explore the cosmos. With this, physical activity grew within my home, lights would click on and off, the television would turn on and off, and the closet doors in my room would shake violently, eventually so badly that my mother actually began to accept what had been happening to me for years, which helped me greatly. The activity never ceased, even with going to college, i had experiences in my dorm room, where drawers were opening and shutting, and apparitions would show themselves in the early hours of the morning, scaring the hell out of my room mate, yet barely phasing me. Now I had all of this contact with a realm that I could not understand for a great time, and I had realized that this is not something everyone had the ability to sense and communicate with, so I had an idea that there was something more to life. something that most people did not want to see or acknowledge. Now there was always something strange about my hands that I could not understand. My hands are very quick, and very strong. I am not a large man, only 5'8, yet in the late years of high school, where testosterone reigned in the hallways, i could not be beaten in mercy, even going par with the largest guy in our school who was 6'3, 270 lbs of muscle. So i always knew there was something "not normal" about them. Fast forward a few years to when i get a steady girlfriend, and I realize that my hands are more than just strong, they are almost able to heal..? I dont know. All i know is that my hands almost have a power, like a heat that they emit, i can feel it, a warm energy. Others can feel it too, as i bring them near to them, animals sense them as i can take an energetic animal and coerce it into calming down, putting it almost into a trance state.. Same goes for humans. It could all be fake, i could be imagining all this, but i have tested my theory quite a bit, attempting to disprove myself but its hard to. I have searched for a long time for some answers, to all of this. Studying various religions, reading as much as i could regarding the paranormal, divulging greatly into the metaphysical, only to have more questions in the end, not truly finding what i was looking for. On top of all of this I am quite vocal about the standing of our civilization, and the shortcomings of our government, which i will not get into here, but i know there is an answer, and I believe I have a pretty firm grasp on what exactly needs to be done in order to start the rebuilding process. Anyway, as you can see, I am not complacent, nor am I happy, nor have I really had many questions answered, until now. Only in the last 2 years did i begin to find out about eastern philosophy and practices through a friend. Something about the eastern way of thinking catches me, grasps me tightly, and gives me such a thirst for knowledge. The first book I read was the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which in my opinion made a lot of sense regarding reincarnation and mediation. I then read a bunch of books ranging from embracing the tao to books by edgar cayce and everything in between, opening me up to an understanding i never thought possible Finally, last year I had the change to meet Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang. I scheduled an appointment with him in the suburbs of NYC and he balanced my energy. I have never felt as good as I did after he did his work, I was essentially drunk, my eyes were the purest blue they had been in years, and my mind was smooth and my thought flowed like water afterwards. I was then hooked. Earlier this week, I had another great opportunity to meet another renown master, Master Katsumi Niikura. This was different than Grandmaster Zhang, because this time, I could somehow feel Master Niikura's energy when I walked into the room. It radiated off of him, as heat radiates off of a stove. It was incredible. He noticed many things regarding my body, noticed that I had eye issues (i got an extremely rare surgery for my age, cataract surgery which they did not replace my lens because my natural lens was actually too thick and they were able to trim it) He knew this within a minute of meeting me which impressed the hell out of me because there is no physical way of noticing this unless you had my eye under a microscope. After the treatment, I was again feeling drunk and amazing, My mind was beautifully quiet, an energy issue i was feeling within my back had subsided, and an ankle pain i had been having for a month had gotten 10 fold better. I was impressed to say the least. My buddy, who had gotten me into all of this, gave me a book to read recently, The Magus of Java, which i whole heartedly enjoyed. I truly believe that Neikung is the path for me because of the natural energy I feel within me. The teachings within the book made sense, and helped make sense of things that I could not make sense of for 20 years. I know that the teachings within neikung are extremely advanced, and that this practice would take years of dedication, I understand that. But at this point in my life, after what i have seen, and what direction the world is going in, I firmly believe that the teachings of neikung could save the world. I believe that it is my destiny and karma to learn this ancient knowledge and practice it with everything my soul has to offer. Yet I dont know where to begin on this search. So I start here. I hope you enjoyed my story and please, any advice, insight, information you could send to me would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to learn and certainly willing to compromise and accept other thoughts and beliefs, Thank you for your time