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  1. In Israel the PM is under investigation. The PM is saying the same mantra Over and over to prove his innocence. It is "there will not be nothing Because there was not nothing " לא יהיה כלום כי לא היה כלום From logical stand point It is , there will be something Because there was something. Not nothing = something But it seems that nobody in Israel Knows logic thy think the PM Is saying there was nothing.
  2. אהיה אשר אהיה i am whatever i am
  3. א ל ה י מ ברא ב ראשית
  4. Nothing. I actually like kathmandu .
  5. As with magic in general Daoist magic depends on spiritual energy. When a daoist have 神 energy It is " do nothing and the magic is done ". I had an old Chinese feng shui two dragons coin . It broke ( it was a breakable metal ) and the day after Was the Kathmandu earthquake .
  8. 666 ?
  9. The prime pyramid Is made from 4 points 6 lines It is the most elementary three dimentional structure. It is made from 4 triangles One as the base and three For the sides .
  10. 1+4=5 points of pyramid Chinese army( number 81in chinese) 8 line in the pyramid. Pyrmid is made from 1+4=5 pointes And 8 lines. Is china a pyramid?☺
  11. Pyramid 5 points are 1+4 וs 14 14=דוד (david) in GIMATRIA דוד (david ) was the 8 son . 8 lines in the pyramid . The FreeMaosons☺
  12. Pyramid have 5 points 8 lines 5+8=13 The pyramid at Washington obelisk Apex is made of ,AL13, ( aluminum )( Illuminati ?) 3+9+1=13 C=3 ,I=9 ,A=1 ( Wanted to post it in The Mao bums )☺
  13. 3 +8+9+14+1=35 35 is 555 A chinese guy named Mao Smoked 555 Fuzzi logic☺