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  1. Master what is you're secret? Master: i play with my two iron balls All day long
  2. It is easy. The Chinese characters that are the emperor name are missing in a tao te ching written in this emperor period .
  3. From a Jewish viewpoint When you change a name You change the essence . The forum was different In the Tao bums days . But the name was changed To Dao bums . D instead T , a huge change.
  7. G factor is for general intelligence
  8. IQ IS NOT MEASURING THE Quantity OF Intelligence BUT THE QUALITY OF IT. IN SPORTS ONE CAN CROSS THE FINISH LINE BY WALKING HE WILL BE THE LAST ,BUT HE CROSSED .IT IS QUANTITY . IN IQ SEVERAL MAN WITH 80 IQ Cant solve a problem at any given time that a 120 IQ MAN would solve. It is a different quality Of thinking . People with 100 iQ Cant understand complicate models , or multidimensional Theory ,thy just cant no matter How mach effort thy will make.
  9. ו am aware to this facts , My theory is that it is Because the white and Asiatic Race have 2-4% Neanderthal gens In the DNA . The Neanderthal used to have a larger brain , And head size .
  10. Spiders with spider web All around
  11. In the middle ages they were Stupid From wiki on middle ages, The medieval period is frequently caricatured as a "time of ignorance and superstition" that placed "the word of religious authorities over personal experience and rational activity
  12. In imperial china the theory is That science didn't developed because to be a high rank official You had to take exam at Confucius classics. So all the high iQ man in imperial China studied Confucius instead of Science . The same was in EU in the middle age ,the man with high IQ went to be catholic monks and had no Offspring's (there is correlation between parent child IQ ) So in hundred's of years many EU regions Become stupid.
  13. High IQ in most cases is in opposite correlation with creativity test scores. It is the reason why There are few genius who are breakthrough thinkers .
  14. The geography of IQ In a global world with open borders There is a tendency of the 16% >120 IQ to immigrate to Developed country's and developed Townes .
  15. Distribution of I.Q I.Q in population is distribute In a bell shape curve when tha average is 100 and 34% are between 100-120 iQ And 34% are between 80-100 IQ 14% are 120-140 IQ And 14% are 60-80 IQ 2% are above 140 iQ With only 0.1% above 160 IQ . 50% of any given population are belaw 100 IQ ( totally stupid )