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  1. Proving Breathless State to Medical Community

    Contrarily, I read that Kirlian Photography is not actually recording any other-dimensional aura. @
  2. Intense pressure at forehead

    Thanks so much, nickyro! I will get a good book on Ayurveda science. Could you recommend a book written by a guru (i.e not second hand badly interpreted knowledge) ? Cheers!
  3. Intense pressure at forehead

    I've been aware of my diet for a few years now. I really became ultra-aware when I had to spend long periods of time working in front a computer. I noticed that I couldn't concentrate correctly if I'd eaten heavy food. Beef is the worst food for me. Negative effects last >2 days. I'm not an expert on everything but I'd say that food is totally understated in most books about spiritual growth. Say, you can't build a house if the bricks are made from cow dung, can you? -
  4. Intense pressure at forehead

    Thanks for your input on this matter, S C. I felt like a small ship on a stormy sea when my body was working on the food. I'm pretty sure that my body was storing energy as it was processing the food. My body shifted the the now-processed food downwards (digestion). My body then released the extracted energy upwards into my head area. I felt a glow rise upwards I then felt like a ship on a calm lake. As I adjusted myself and concentrated on this glow; my forehead area started to pressurise at a single spot.
  5. Intense pressure at forehead

    Ingredients; Beans, Tomatoes, Water, Sugar, Maize Starch, Salt, Onion Powder, Paprika, Ground White Pepper, Flavourings, Spices. The bread would have had a small amount of yeast inside the dough before it was baked. Bread is made with yeast to activate rising of the dough.
  6. Intense pressure at forehead

    Thanks for the link. It didn't feel like a headache. It didn't hurt. I don't usually get headaches, but have had a few, so do know what they feel like. However; Your post may well be beneficial to others browsing this thread. I'm confused how I might be on the verge of opening this "gate", as, I don't feel like I've reached the full potential of Bodhicitta in the heart chakra... Indeed; I don't feel anything special has happened in my heart/emotions, recently. I would really like a spiritual guidebook that explains how the inner sciences function. No fluff or allegory,.. serve it up like hard science, darn it! There's a million books that lucidly describe "enlightenment" & others that expound the path... But what about the person who doesn't want enlightenment or to follow someone else's path? - This market segment is under served, imho - For example: It's easy to get some book that tells us how to work on a specific area. To me; this is like "how to build bigger biceps". I'm not interested in something like that. I just want to be healthy! - In "body and soul" - This stuff should be basic education in schools.
  7. Intense pressure at forehead

    Nextday, before sleep, I felt some pressure around my temples (sides of forehead) and a lesser pressure in the centre. Then I fell asleep, lol.
  8. Intense pressure at forehead

    Vegetarian for at least 36hrs before hand.
  9. Intense pressure at forehead

    OK that's one report of sexual activity in the astral world. Anymore advice from anyone else ?
  10. Intense pressure at forehead

    I'm sure you don't mean any harm but I'm sorry to say that I'm only confused by your post. Can you give an example of "additionally retained sexual energy" ?.. Would you mean "energy" retained from abstanance of sexual activity, "energy" captured from a sexual partner, or "energy" generated from tantric practice? Please be specific. What is this "special music" you playfully mention ?
  11. Hi, I would like some down to earth advice, please. Having ate some food, I read a chapter of a book, and then got into bed. Could not sleep so meditated. Not in a hardcore Zen fashion. Just nice and easy, let events flow and settle sort of thing. I could feel my body processing the food. There must be a chaka gate there which takes energy out the food? When my body had processed the food, I felt a whole lot lighter and more settled in my meditation. After a few minutes I felt an intense pressure at forehead. It felt like it was going to pop. I was a bit scared. I quickly rolled over and concentrated on few other things. I would like to know what such a intense pressure signifies? Should I have allowed it to pop ? Just before I felt this pressure, I also felt some kundlini-syndrome worms wriggling down my forehead. Sorry if I don't use the right terms but I don't know them! Reply however or as technically as you like; I have a good ability to comprehend this subject as I'm already reborn from my initial conception inside the One.
  12. I think to a certain extent that what he doing is what he needs to do. When he started growling and barking like a dog, I thought to myself, he's got some unresolved anger and by letting that rage flair he's then triggering a hormonal rush which is quickening his body. That quickening might aid in the underlying spiritual practice but I think it's a dangerous practice. The horse (spirit) should lead the cart (body) and not vice-versa. Whilst we can't know for sure what he's experiencing, infact this "warrior" practice might have some merit, there is a massive danger. If he had a geniune kundalini awakening at this stage, in his rage, then it really could be like a dragon's tail whip that would rip him apart internally VERY hard. He's lucky to *not* release the fire now, imo. I don't want to be too explicit - incase he's reading this - so I won't go into details or speculate about the possible uncontrollable actions he might do in such a state. Better to not plant that seed, lol. The master has a sense of power, from a calm and realxed posistion. Tense and stiff (ready to break)... This is not true power! This guy would benifit from genuine martial arts training, imho. If he's reading this then I gotta say to you this: The Way is easy. The brittle tree gets broken in a storm. You've not demonstated any suppleness - that's why I think your method is not the Way. Carefully... The storm is more powerful than you can imagine. Be supple. This is true power. If you are brittle then you will be broken easily. Take care. *edit: YES DUDE!... your "powerful" rage is brittleness personified.
  13. Hi

    Thanks, Chang.
  14. Hi

    Hi people of the way! A child, I knew the way easily Then I forgot the way Then I became the way Wow; I was the way and so... I decided to not care about the way! Then I forgot the way Then I remembered I know the way And the way was so...