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  1. new here.

    Hi all, new here. Glad to see so many learned folks, I have a lot of questions, mainly about the microcosmic orbit, guided meditations, third-eye energy, etc. I really appreciate this kind of venue for exploration. - Sumner
  2. Howdy gang

    Hello, all. First-time poster, long-time lurker. Have been playing with qi for nearly two years, which up until *last week* was solely internal, Taoist practice, focused on gathering and storing qi in lower dantian. I paid a good bunch of dough (or rather a loving relative did, more on that below) and went to a 40-hour, Qi healer intensive class here in NJ that I'm sure was great, it's just for the *real* central nervous system repair -- i.e. and end to seven years of hellish depression and fear since my CNS gave out -- my gut tells me that the big heal is in anything that twists and flexes the spine, i.e. torsion. What changed last week: started with ZZ (can do up to 20 mins., as you probably know, it's also a CNS healer), 5-10 sets of YJJ and eight brocade. Am mellower/stronger than I have been in a dog's life, when this awful CNS stuff started (something gave out, big time). I'll stop short of using the cr--ple word, but it was along those lines. Sooo, with pure intent, I'm here to learn more about qi gong sets that repair the CNS, which is the most crucial, if not near the top, for us poor vertebrates. Would genuinely appreciate any help you guys could offer. Thanks, Matt