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  1. Hi All, I found this forum after researching nei kung in an effort to help me recover from a chronic nerve injury. I don't have any experience with nei kung or qigong or any chinese martial arts. However, I am open to learn and see which path would help me the most. 12 years ago I was injured during rock climbing when I fell numerous times during my climbs. The safety harness I wore awkwardly wrapped around my pelvis and took all of my weight (230 pounds). With that happening all day on this particular day I felt fine but didn't realize the damage it was causing. It turned out that the next day I started feeling tingling in both buttocks while sitting and lying down. That progressed over a two week period to include tingling down the back of my thighs and in the front of my thighs, then to a vibration sensation in both feet, then onto invountary muscle twitching in both legs, and then onto a general weakness sensation in my legs. These symptoms are chronic and never go away and I've just coped with them for the past 12 years. The buttocks and legs tingling is the most annoying as its constant when I sit. When I stand up and walk around it feels better, probably because I don't have any clothes pressure on those areas. My assumption was that the climbing harness crushed and stretched sacral nerves and those nerves running along the pelvis. Since that time I have had 4 different neurologists take MRIs and EMGs and they all say that there is no nerve damage and they can't find anything wrong. They said that if there was any damage that the EMGs would have found it. All other serious neurological problems were ruled out. I took Neurontin for the paresthesia but it didn't seem to help. I have had acupuncture for years and it didn't help at all. Also did yoga and weight lifting to help build my strength and stretch my body but they haven't helped the condition at all. It's been constant for a full 12 years. Despite what the doctors say I know there is something wrong. Perhaps, these are symptoms created by my mind and are not physical in nature. I was seeing a chinese doctor who would give reflexology and acupuncture and he said that my chi is stuck and not moving downward past my lower back. He would send his chi through his palms and into my head and move it down to my legs and I would feel the heat generated in my butt and legs during the session. But all that did was to heat my body and never helped my symptoms. I'm revisiting ways to possibly cure myself. I was thinking there may be a solution to my issues with chinese external and internal martial arts. If there's anyone here who can offer some advice as to what might help me that will certainly be greatly appreciated. I recently moved to Buffalo, NY from NYC so if anyone knows of a good TCM doctor in the area please let me know. I'm actually taking a trip to NYC in January to attend Master CK Chu's Nei Kung workshop. I took it once but never practiced it. But I'm going to try it again. Thank you for listening. Joe