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  1. Well yeah I have teacher for this stuff, but I am not always pleased with answers As far as I remember the practise of MCO didnt change much of my energy levels.
  2. I have a teacher. I dont think it messed my energy levels? Though I might not full understand what it means, can you elaborate please.
  3. I went to the doctor a week ago to check my blood, I will get the results soon. I will ask him about alergies as well. Can you tell me more about this specific qigong meditation, or connect with the divine meditation that help energy levels?
  4. One thing that I forgot to mention, I had diffilcuties to move the energy over my face when doing the micro cosmic orbit for years. It really helped when I looked up so my throat opened. But I guess this is connected as something is blocking me here.
  5. What practice do you suggest, I am going a few exercises but dont know the names I can describe them if needed.
  6. I do meditate a few times a week, doing mostly fusion of the 5 elements. I try to maintain a healthy diet, drinking shakes in the morning (oats, fruits, spirulina, red reishi, nuts...), trying to avoid simple carbo hydrates, eating enough fibres and drinking enough of water. When the fatigue is strongest is after meals when I am really without energy and can just lay down. If I don't lay down and just continue with something it passes away after some time. More or less, it has been better and been worse as well I don't think so. Was smoking weed, but stopped 3 months ago. I am 30 years old so I doubt it is this and am having this problem for long time already. Actually what I wanted to describe is all on energetical level it is not physically present. When I scan my body/face I can feel it like some glue on my face, like some energetical parasite that is pulling me down. Over thinking might be it, I try to have clear mind most of time, but it is a sneaky enemy and finds a back door quickly
  7. I am tired most of the time for the past years, I need to sleep for more than 8 hours per night and need to take some naps in between as well. Otherwise I feel down and lacking of energy. For the past years I am also searching for reasons. My body seems to normal and doctors of course didn't find anything. Recently I was paying more attention to who I really am what the core of my being and so on. The real being that we are is hidden behind physical body, behind mental body and behind energeticall body... So when I was searching for myself I noticed this tiredness as patches of heavy energy on my face. I could feel it there like glued to my face and it was pulling me down. When I didn't identify myself with it I was free from its effects. I wonder if some of you have similar experiences? Kowtow
  8. Kowtow

    Thanks Chang and good luck to you too!
  9. Kowtow

    I am practising Taoist meditations for about 10 years. I also practise more or less regulary Chi gong and Bagua. Actually I had an account here before but it misteriously dissapeared, magic happens