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  1. I can sense three beings on my body. One around my neck and two behind me grabbing my shoulders. I don't know why they have been with me for these years but I suppose having them around me makes me feel heavy. Also ever since they have been around me I rarely can leave my body for astral travel and usually they grab me and push me back to my physical body. Practicing qigong and martial arts make me feel less heavy but it never lasts long and their pressure always comes back. Is this some kind of possession? How can Daoist magic help? I know that this is a general forum but I can't post in the Daoist magic forum. I appreciate it if only people who are informed about magic answer to this post.
  2. Book recommendation

    Thanks. Those books are expensive but they seem to be very rich in content. Are they suitable for self study or do they require a teacher at some point?
  3. Book recommendation

    Hi I am very interested in learning about Daoism and would appreciate if you could help me to find suitable books. Maybe I should tell you more about myself: I have studied TCM in China and can read both in Chinese and English. My interest in TCM started when as a teenager I learned to see auras and astral projection. I needed to learn more about how the universe and the human body work and that's why I went to China to study Chinese and TCM but now I realize that the kind of TCM that they teach in China is very superficial and even the teachers don't know much about the deeper concepts of TCM. Although I couldn't find much interesting things in school I fortunately had the opportunity to learn internal martial arts from good teachers. They also taught me qigong but since they were more focused on the practical combat techniques my knowledge about lian dan is very basic. Having those teachers taught me that the Chinese culture is very conservative and it's not easy to learn their real knowledge. Also there are lots of fake teachers who are just interested in the money. In martial arts it is easier to know who is real but I assume that it becomes much more difficult in Daoism. Now I don't have a teacher and I know there should be things that are impossible to learn without a teacher but for now please recommend some books that discuss Daoism profoundly either in Chinese or English.