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  1. Lama Dorje

    The 99% need spiritual-ity.
  2. Indonesian Tridaya Similar To Mopai ?
  3. Indonesian Tridaya Similar To Mopai ?

    Have no Mo Pai students never had a fallin out with the teacher? Surprised there isn't more info leaked out. Downloaded those Tridaya PDFS thanks man!
  4. BKA's guide on how to pickup women.... and lizard people

    Homeboy broke, gotta get to the library. Lotsa free books, lotsa ladies! But me I just have a lotta girl friends girls who are friends, they be good to me and do the introducin.
  5. Intercourse without harm

    I'll take one for the team.
  6. Best Neigong Teachers

    I never heard of half these teachers wow, gotta read more.
  7. Indonesian Tridaya Similar To Mopai ?

    I searched Tridaya on and didnt find anything. Got some other links peeps?
  8. Mudra master, yo

    Was gonna post sayin thats me practicin haha. Lotsa finger tuttin vids on da tube no one got it like that dawg. Turorialz for learnin to.
  9. Urgent serious complaint

    Keepin it PG 13 yo, forum rulezin. Mo Pai on tha forums HAI, hatahs say it ain't Pai Others think they so fly-UGh, worshippin that Chang Guy-UGH, People hate on the pai, trippin', think they are so sly ,can't hardly listen to how they just lie! Haters be burning, yearning, practicing, still learning Striaght out the hutong, hood of their own pai, sad chumps dissin on those other pais no dice. The cosmic! micro! orbit! best that you do it,it's explicit, within it, offend if you must but baby boy get wid it All brothas here doin rock the chi, rock the pai, Try cause you must, never die. Rappin, playin, dancin, let that shen fly. Truth yo! Ha I just stickin with da basics, none dat fancy pai but hadta share my rappin, it be happenin! Font color not workin yo.
  10. Philosopher's Stone Unveiled

    What about Chinese immortality mushrooms? People say they live hundreds of years. Chi goin from person2person do they have it or they fakin?
  11. What are you listening to?

    This. Skillz. Thats what I'm talkin about.
  12. Qigong neigong neidan

    Thanks man.