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  1. Am I a Taoist or a Zen Buddhist?

    Interesting - how do you see that issue?
  2. Oddly enough, the man who discovered the Big Bang Theory... was a Catholic Priest.
  3. Am I a Taoist or a Zen Buddhist?

    That's very interesting. I see a lot of people who have that definition of faith - even many Christians. I don't see it that way. St Isaac of Syria said, "Natural knowledge, which precedes faith, is the way to faith and to God." Knowledge should be a necessity, not an opponent to faith.
  4. witches in Romania

    There's a joke among Folk Orthodox people (Russian, Greek, Romanians) involving a man who tried to ask a priest a question, but the priest was busy, so he went to the village witch instead. That should give some indication of the cross-play between those two belief systems in eastern Christian countries. The people are much more religious than in western Christendom (Greece's constitution even mentions Jesus) and the witches obviously aren't recognized as recommended spiritual guides, but they still apparently exist somewhere in social strata...
  5. My friend, I'm sorry to hear about your condition. I had almost exactly the same thing happen to me when I was 18 (now 23), though not meditation-related. I agree with the people above who say it might be depersonalization disorder. I'll tell you I don't know how to solve the problem. I agree changes like this - loss of libido, loss of emotional states - are rare and never welcomed. I know from personal experience. It's like someone losing hearing or their sight or health. Anyone who tells you "just get over it" or "suck it up" doesn't understand the full scope of what happened to you, and probably can't conceive of it if they wanted to. What I can tell you is that this experience may teach you some very insightful things about life. I sincerely hope your happiness comes back as quick as possible. Until then, we'll be here to sympathise and commiserate, although I know a cure is also strongly desired
  6. Satanic Temple *UP-DATED*

    I agree with you silent thunder. It's interesting - With modern Christianity it greatly depends on the church a lot of times. I have some friends in a charismatic/evangelical church, and their beliefs often leave me speechless because they are so different than mine (Russian Orthodox). As far as I'm concerned, if my beliefs really make me happier and present the most worthwhile way to live, you'll see that when you talk to me and will naturally be drawn towards them. I don't think I should have to strong-arm you into my church, because in theory you would already go willingly if there's something attractive there.
  7. Daily timetable of the Quanzhen retreat

    Abbot Pastor said: Get away from any man who always argues every time he talks. -Sayings of the Desert Fathers
  8. Feeling A Little Lost.

    *Bows* Thank you for your perspective friend and taking the time to answer - I am a beginner in everything, so I often need more perspective Blessings, D
  9. A bad TB tendency: We Chase away teachers

    As a teacher should be: "Those who presume themselves are not distinguished Those who praise themselves have no merit Those who boast about themselves do not last" -Tao Te Ching, Chapter 24
  10. Daily timetable of the Quanzhen retreat

    Thanks! I'll have to read it - I don't know a lot about this sort of thing
  11. Daily timetable of the Quanzhen retreat

    Other disciplines (Monasteries of the Orthodox Christian tradition) also have two hours of sleep without bad side effects, though I agree such a thing is not for beginners. (And neither is this retreat, according to Vitalii.) Just a question Vitalii for my own understanding: I didn't know that an unbroken lineage existed for Zhendao as is the case with the Celestial Masters of Tianshi Mountain, though I do know that Wang designated one of the seven disciples to be his successor - could you tell me more about that?
  12. Christmas / Holiday lists everyone? ;)

    Great topic. My list was simply: "The Complete Works of Aristotle" and money
  13. Feeling A Little Lost.

    Ah - okay. I think I get a little bit more what he meant, but I still disagree. Even if he doesn't ask for things like money and a hot wife and a big house, he still has to ask for things from God: the very ability to do something for God requires asking for his grace, because "apart from me you can do nothing." (John 15:5) (At any rate I wouldn't be surprised if I'm still misunderstanding the point, so I apologize if I still am!)
  14. Feeling A Little Lost.

    Adept, you are not alone! I would dare say that those who see their room for improvement are even greater than those who see angels. One requires a sense of sight, but the other requires the movement of the heart, and many people are unwilling to do that. Thus I consider true masters the people who thoroughly introspect themselves and try to improve themselves. This idea is a little strange to me - how does one as a Christian need nothing else from God? Isn't the whole religion built on the utter dependence on Him? Maybe he didn't mean the statement in this way, though.
  15. Daily timetable of the Quanzhen retreat

    Thamosh, what does shen power look like, out of curiosity? How does one determine that someone has it?