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  1. Hi. I've been doing pc exercises everyday for 3 months and i feel that the muscle is very strong,seems like he doesn't get any better than this,but i might be wrong.I need to do it forever?? How is that work? I'm trying to stop the ejaculation squeezing the pc muscle and interrupting the stimulation,is it working very well. But i'm stopping when i feel like that if i don't stop stroking my penis i'll ejaculate. When i try to go a little furter and have i great sensation in my penis,i squeeze my pc muscle,but i can't hold the ejaculation. That means that i reach the ''point of no return'' or my pc muscle isn't strong enough? PS: I'm practicing this alone. Is it possible to squeeze the pc muscle and interrupting the ejaculation while you're still penetrating the female or when is she stimulating you?? or do you need to stop the movements and stimulation?? Thank you so much,this will really help me. (Sorry for my english,i'm from brazil)
  2. Hello!

    Hi guys. It's a pleasure to be here in this forum. I'm 19 years old and i practice SwáSthya Yôga and Martial Arts. I'm reading now the ''Multi-Orgasmic Man'' and i'm always trying to develop myself. Cheers.