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  1. Perfect Choice

    Always about choice and perfect. Yes we have and yes we are. You mean the crew chooses based on their experience? Does their experience mean the know better than to challenge the flow? Have they chosen Tao?
  2. Why Follow Tao?

    I think you're missing my point? You, me everyone are the fish.
  3. Why Follow Tao?

    It's how you approach life. You can get caught up in the buzz or stand firm. Simple doesn't mean easy but it can be with practice.
  4. Why Follow Tao?

    Then maybe you would like the approach of the Hellenistic sceptics" I'll read about it but I'm feeling good where I am now Also I am neither objective or subjective. Actually I am both. I don't think I can be any other way. Labels and definitions are limiting BUT if I were to chose a label it would be mostly but not limited to intuitive.
  5. Why Follow Tao?

    I can't say for sure if the fish in water has free will but I believe I have control of my destiny, up to a point. If I look from the perspective of the universe my choices (actions) are inconsequential but hell I may never know if I'm right or wrong so I don't really care so long as I believe.....
  6. Why Follow Tao?

    No offence but I believe you're overthinking this a bit but hey I'm just a simple guy trying to live a simple life. :-)
  7. What to say when one kills an ant?

    The lion eats the antelope to sustain itself. The whole circle of life thing. The lion will chase off threats and if that doesn't work it kills. The lion doesn't kill just for fun and entertainment. You are in a sense protecting your space If you go on a rampage killing every ant you see then I'd worried. Having said that I try to avoid stepping on ants and other little critters, when I walk. :-)
  8. Why Follow Tao?

    disagreeing is Tao :-) I suppose a fish could choose not to live in water. A fish really doesn't have a choice.
  9. Why Follow Tao?

    You are Tao. You have no choice. Everything you do or don't do is Tao. Relax be happy. Live a good life.
  10. Sex & Magick

    Yes it is incorrect. Get over it. It's not about you. Live and let live.
  11. Why Follow Tao?

    You ask as if there is a choice. Whether you recognize it or not you are following Tao.
  12. Can you deny this?

    Too many words can make things complicated and difficult to understand. A few words can help one think and find their own understanding.
  13. Does any one think that The Tao Te Ching is about writing poetry?

    Poetry or not does it change it's value? Other than an interesting discussion, that may or may not have value does it matter?
  14. Can you deny this?

    I honestly don't know what you mean by yoga? My thought...yoga is something but not everything. Now if you attaching a Tao value (if that is possible) to it then I'd say the "word" yoga is everything just as the "word" Tao is everything. But without us attaching some kind of inexplicable value to the words then they are nothing. Of course where you are sitting and the direction your looking in you may see things differently.
  15. Can you deny this?

    I really have to say yes & no. To say either exclusively would be attempting to define the undefinable, beside saying yes & no "FEELS" right and when words don't work well enough I go by feel and intuition. :-)