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  1. There indeed may be a true master...

    I too have a similar background. It was 1972 when I started serious training and I mastered Nei gung in 1985 and have taught every since. Welcome. Sifu Wayne
  2. Gift of the Tao II Neigong Movements

    I have found that my CHI level can be drained by over use. Under highly controled experiments and changing circumstances I found that I could do anything I wanted with my CHI but only for about three minutes of continuous use. This experiment was conducted 6 times at varying times of the day and under different circumstances. After my CHI was used up it took about half an hour to restore. I have tried the same experiment on several of my students with the same result. After the cut off point in the controlled environment the attempts were scored as that of pure random chance. Anybody know why the CHI flow was diminished like that?
  3. nei kung - longmen pai

    Nihao; I'm not sure if my post got through or not as my computer hiccuped just as I was about to post. I am a teacher of Nei gung and have been since the early 1970's. I am willing to share my journey and arts to anyone who might be interested. I learned from another master and he from a master in Northern China. The arts are ancient but not secret. The system of Kung fu I study is called Tao Ping fa. Personnally I can change my weight 60 pounds, make a guitar hum at 10 feet, and move people visably around plus another bunch of stuff.. Kinda' cool when you think about it. Well so long for now. - Sifu
  4. Howdy

    Thanks for letting me into this site. I am new here and find everything of great interest. As I am somewhat older than most of the rest of the forum I have been on my spiritual journey much longer. I am a Grand Master Black sash (tenth degree black belt) in a system of Wu Shu called Tao Ping fa (Ping fa Tao for you purists) which you can tell from its name is a Northern style very closely related to Shao Lin and Tai Chi. It has been my goal in life to master this rare system of Gung fu. I am also a Chi master and a Christian. This is only a conflict if you're a Christian, lol. Amongst other things I can manage to change my weight as much as 60 pounds but can't make the hurdle to freely levitate. A personal problem I guess. I have seen many comings and goings in my life and look forward to many discussions on the forum. Sifu Riley Tucker