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  1. Hempel and "perverts" and apparently being one

    How dare you reveal my innermost private thoughts you blackhearted rogue! Actually, thank you, good idea.
  2. Hempel and "perverts" and apparently being one

    I liked these, thank you, they were helpful
  3. Hempel and "perverts" and apparently being one

    There are indeed many other forum-relevant topics I would probably love to discuss with you all. This was simply the one I chose to introduce myself with, because I am strange. I am also young and inexperienced and foolish so don't take me too seriously. I have always been drawn to drew's writings, even finding him under different names on other forums when he was the furthest thing from my mind, and instantly recognizing him by his writing style and unique phrases. Perhaps the main reason his ideas attract me is that one of my primary life goals is to be able to give lots of loving sexual energy to kind and wonderful girls of my choosing, which drew seems to be an expert at, but I am utterly baffled by the way he goes about it, especially the whole free-will-violating thing. So I have been intrigued by and confused about his ideas for several years. I don't think he's insane because my own research, intuition and experiences confirm much of what he says. But I do wonder what his "game" (meant in the nicest possible sense) is... I don't actually believe that "I am a helpless pervert because I was probably abused somehow as a child and have restless leg syndrome and compulsive masturbation habits", and I am pursuing the transcendence of those issues both on my own and through other means of therapy. I just felt like finally getting it off my chest that "memes" like the one drew spreads about perverts can have more power to cause doubt and distress in the minds of inexperienced impressionable young seekers such as myself, than perhaps he or anyone else realizes. Basically every time I find myself compulsively shaking my legs, I think back to drew's ideas. Every single time. Curious, isn't it?
  4. Hempel and "perverts" and apparently being one

    If someone from thetaobums tells you you you can't learn any spiritual practices because you are a hopeless pervert, which is essentially what drew has done, you kind of have to get that out of the way before you talk about anything else, don't you? No need to be so dismissive.
  5. So Drew Hempel, bless his crazy heart, seems to say that all males who have what is commonly known as restless leg syndrome are "perverts" who were abused as children and are incapable of doing anything with their sexual energy flow except stealing it from other, healthy males by vibrating their legs and doing who knows what else, and then masturbating it away to who knows where, are "addicted" to this practice, and cannot learn to do anything else with their sexual energy no matter how much they might want to. As I more or less fall under this description, I have a few questions to him, or anyone who understands his wonderfully weird philosophies, or even anyone who thinks it's all bollocks. -why spread this idea all over the internet on a number of extra-mainstream forums? how is it helpful for anyone to look at things this way, with such inflammatory language? especially spiritual seekers who might be discouraged by it? -does this idea ignore all the other possible causes of the compulsive desire to vibrate one's legs, which I have had for at least 13 years? magnesium deficiency, low blood sugar, blood acidity, etc are all medically-researched possible causes and/or contributing factors, and I'm not talking about mainstream medicine, so does drew's idea irrationaly ignore all these things, or does it imply that anyone who has these issues is a pervert and energy vampire? -if I were to accept the truth of drew's idea, what on earth does that say about me and my spiritual path and my freedom to choose same, and the quality of my soul? it has many seemingly disturbing ramifications. There are many other questions raised by drew's writings that I'd love to discuss with people, but I just realized I'm a bit pissed off that this particular idea about perverts has been marinating in my subconscious for several years, against my conscious will for it to even be there. So I'm here because this forum seems to have been drew's internet home more than anywhere else and perhaps you all can help me work through the issues caused by the careless words of one of your prodigal children, as it were. I'm sure some of you will write me off and may even ridicule me just because I see ANY value or potential truth in drew's words whatsoever, but I find that many of his ideas resonate with me strongly and I should like to know why. Also, please don't misunderstand this as an attack on drew or anybody else, I think he has a brilliant mind and probably a kind heart too, and I'm sure most of you are the same way
  6. Hi...specific conversation request

    Hi, I am here because I would like to talk to someone regarding the ideas of a (former, unless he is on here with yet another different username) member originally known as drew hempel. I don't care whether the discussion is on the public forum or through private messages. I'm looking for someone or someones who have read many of his writings and are familiar with his ideas, specifically those about sexual energy, transmutation of same, and vampirism (though he doesn't call the latter by that name). I'm posting here because this seems to have been his most prolific posting place so maybe many of you will known who I am talking about. About me, I read this forum on an occasional but regular basis, I am an independent thinker, not associated with any specific spiritual or religious practice, my beliefs tend towards new-age type ideas and I appreciate many of the thoughts discussed on this forum. Raised in a fundamentalist home, lifetime mystic, aspriring novelist, computer programmer by trade.