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  1. Balance in taoist practices

    It is not mental, when your energy system is not ready and you still have a lot of ego and false thoughts, energy could go wrong way. So Xing should go ahead of Ming otherwise you could have demonic seduction. It could manifest as ego domination and over confidence. In my case I have weak nervous system type, so I could work with Qi easier but it cost me less stability. And when I start practising I hurry a lot and do not pay attention to purification methods and now I need to step back to purify myself and get rid of chronic diseases.
  2. Balance in taoist practices

    Thanks for your input. I practice Qigong and Neidan and I have teacher but only on practise you could transform information into experience. And sometimes you should get through some problems before you start understanding words of your teacher About 5 elements practice I am doing it but it can't disperse all the extra Qi. And Qi level depends on many circumstances, sometimes it affects very unpredictable. But I already go through this stage and just sharing my experience. Now I am working on Qi purification because I start recognizing that quality is much more important than quantity of Qi. So this truth that my teacher told me many times I start understanding only now
  3. what is Buddhist sickness?

    Buddhist sickness and Zen sickness is the same. In Buddhist meditation you concentrate on place where lower dantian placed even if you did not know about its existence. Laws of Qi is working even if you did not know about them, and one of the law is where your attention there is Qi concentrating. If you did not use any additional techniques to strengthen your energy system and improve your health you could suffer Buddhist sickness when accumulating too much Qi in dantian. Because after certain level this energy start flowing through all the channels and if they are not ready it could ruin body or made it very sick. Each time I clean my central channel and receive more Yang Qi then usual I feel like molten metal flows inside me. And it is despite my everyday practise. So I could only imagine what a big disaster could cause huge amount of uncontrolled Qi in unprepared body.
  4. Balance in taoist practices

    I want to speak about different kind of balancing. I am practicing about 2 years each day for 2 - 4 hours a day and find out that achieving Qi energy is not difficult, real problem is to handle it. First problem almost all beginners faced, is too much energy. Usually you feel enormous sexual attraction and just burn out all your Qi that you gathered for many days of meditation. Sometimes it gets worse and you feel like superman starting eat ice cream in cold weather and ignore warm cloth. In other cases you could be rude with people because all your unconscious ambitions get enough energy. Good thing that if you have master, he will point you on this situation and you could overcome this by concentration on Xing more than on Ming. But in some less form this situation could appear again and again and it could become a cycles. You have little energy and you behave more calm, when you accumulate more energy you become more careless and could be ill soon. Then you again become more wise and calm until next cycle begins. In this case you should work more on Ming during low energy period and more on Xing during high energy period and clean your mind out of under consciousness ambitions. Next thing you could face is Yin and Yang disbalance. If you practice really hard and could avoid sex and any kinds of ejaculation for long enough period you could face situation where you have too many Yang energy. On one of retreats I feel just enormous heat in my chest. It was a problem to handle Yang Qi inside me. I start circulating Qi between my lower and middle dantian and it helps. Than breathing through legs help to get some Yin energy for balance. But I get rid of this inconvenience only when I intentionally start pulling Yin Qi out of the earth in meditation and mixing it with Yang Qi. Do not misunderstand it is not fusion but only mixing Now I am facing third kind of problem that could be in some case described like disbalance too. My energy is not clean enough and practising with upper dantian bring me inconvenience in my head. So now I step back in practice and concentrate on cleaning my body and energy. I think this kind of problems in some form appears with everyone. So share how you face such things and what methods helps you.
  5. I start practicing Zhan Zhuang from one hour after retreat with Vitaliy. After month I increas standing time to 1.5 hours and after 6 months I start practicing 2 hours each day. I am doing it already for 2 years and most of the time I stand holding my hands near lower dantian.
  6. Sitting meditation: for how long do you sit?

    I had yin and yan disbalance before and when I trying meditate it stops me from sitting long enough. But balancing yin and yan remove that obstacle and let me extend my meditation. I did not claim that I have big achievement just want to share my experience with others, maybe it will help someone. And do not misunderstand it is mixing not fusion, it is totally different things.
  7. Sitting meditation: for how long do you sit?

    I start meditating 30 min each day and now I meditating around 2 hours each day. Sometimes less sometimes more, I can't tell for sure because my practise always evolving. I have two main problems it is my body and my mind. Several months ago I had surprising improvement in my practise, I recognize that using Yin Chi could increase meditation time in 1.5 times just instantly. When I start paying more attention to Yin-Yan balance and intentionally mix Yin And Yan energy freshness start appearing and I could sit longer.
  8. The best seminar I ever took was..

    Seminar that goes for 2 days is not hard at all. But I start not with 2 day seminar but with 10 days retreat and it was little bit too much for me standing 2 hours each morning. But main problems was in my head, our body have big untapped potential and our mind hide it from us. So we need pushing our limits if we want really achieve something. Now I do almost the same amount of practise everyday and it seems easy to my. About location, it was in Crimea that now under russian occupation. There is different intensity retreats, ordinary retreats is not very intensive so everyone could attend it. Of Course 2 hour standing meditation and 1.5 hour sitting meditations for 2 times a day plus other exercises could seems scary but it is absolutely normal. And there is traditional retreat it could be more demanding but still it is ok for someone who already practise for some time. Trick in all sorts of meditation is to use Chi to help keep going meditation. So with your achievements in mastering Chi you will be able to meditate more and more even beyond your body limits.
  9. The best seminar I ever took was..

    My best seminar was my first meeting with Taoist school Zhen Dao Pai. When I read a book about John Chan I was obsessed with mastering Neidan. All my thoughts was about fusion of yin and yang. So when I recognized that guy that telling about Taoism is master who already done this fusion I was very impressed. It was like taking part in fiction story by your own. One of the things that not letting me forget this time was standing meditations for 2 hours each morning After I start meditating each day I have remarkable improvements in my health. Now I experienced a lot of different phenomena related to chi but first seminar or better to say retreat was unforgettable.
  10. Taoist magic

    Hi guys I was searching powers for a quite long period of time. I mastered lucid dreaming and some sort of very weak telekinesis. I could pull small objects floating on the water but very slowly. I spend much time on this but it is not what could be called real powers. But when I start practising Taoist meditations I start feeling chi and even see it. But with this, I understand that it is only usual chi and it has big limitations. It could boost immune system or heal small illness but not more. Real power could come only from obtaining original chi (yuan chi). But to start using it you need great progress in spiritual grose. Otherwise you will not be able to see it. So now all my efforts is concentrated on getting original chi. And only after this I will try to experiment with powers. You should keep in mind one more thing, every powers manifestation will consume your original chi and it is not regenerating. You have only limited amount of it and you risk to harm your health if you try powers without possibility to renew your original chi. So first learn how to renew it.
  11. Hello all.

    Hi everybody. Let me say a few words about myself. I started interesting Dao when I have big health problems. I was on immune stimulators for 3 years and each time I need to increase dose to sustain more or less healthy. My last chance was to find something extraordinary to fix this problem. After I start practising my health become stronger and I did not need any immune stimulators now I am practising approximately 3 - 5 hours each day. 2 hours of morning standing meditation, half an hour qigong practises and nearly two hours sitting meditation at night. I started with one hour each day. My overall experience in Dao is about one and a half years but I had interested in various occult subjects in the past. I have some chi experience since I start practising. Also I have nearly one year experience in lucid dreaming. I am from Ukraine.