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  1. Martial Arts as Meditation

    I started lurking on the Tao Bums about 10 years ago (Wow, time flies!) and this is something that would have been helpful to me at that time. Hope this will answer questions for those just starting out on this journey.
  2. Applying chi to martial arts.

    Spiral Force/Energy Demonstration by my friend/teacher (he's actually my kungfu uncle, but I learned about my style from him, and I talk with him more than any other teacher in our school) If you have more questions, I can share them with him & he can reply via video.
  3. I had a YouTube video where I mentioned this-- I deleted my old channel and I haven't decided if I will upload the same old video or film an entirely new one-- anyway-- long story short. I was taught the Secret of the Golden Flower by one of Master Wang's students here in the US. After he taught us (there were 2 other people from TTB present), he gave us a 2 hour lecture on how dangerous it is and why we should stick to the basic practices we'd been learning all weekend. So I forgot it by the time I drove back home to Tennessee. My current Sifu may know a similar practice from his Taoist lineage...but he says that if I stay with him long enough, by the time I've developed enough to learn some of his "higher practices," I'll probably not be interested--or have figured them out on my own. Those are his words, not mine. Oh's fun to reminisce.
  4. Holy thread necro, Batman! I thought I would revisit this-- shortly after my initial K experience, I enrolled in Seminary and was very interested in Christian mysticism, integrating these practices and internal martial arts into something I could teach in a liberal Christian setting. Things happened...naturally some people did not agree with my approach. OF COURSE I was labeled a heretic. I took some time away, found my Sifu and buried a lot of family members who were sick when this journey began in 2008. I've actually found a church setting that is open to learning about these experiences and am looking to hear within the next few weeks if I'll be continuing & eventually completing my studies this fall to finally finish out my Master of Divinity. I may even get to work with Kostas (yes, THAT Kostas) on some of his new projects if I'm lucky-- sorry, no Mopai stuff, but I'm fascinated with the martial arts stuff he's doing and how it might help veterans dealing with PTSD. Anyway-- just an update. Y'all keep on breathing! :-)
  5. Just wanted to let everyone know that my Sifu, Kelley Graham will be teaching a 6-Week course called "The Science of Happiness" He will be teaching live from Tucson, AZ-- if you're not in the area, there will be a live stream. "The Science of Happiness suggests 6 areas of self cultivation. Our mind-body training is designed to fit within this simple approach to living well. Students develop a clear understanding of how to improve their health, relationships, resilience and overall vitality." Topics will include: Social Connections Compassion Environment Physical Development and Relaxation Mental Development and Neuroscience Purpose and the Stages of Life The sessions will begin 11 July 2014 and will be held Fridays 2:30p - 3:30p Arizona Time Zone (time subject to change due to schedule) Kelley's current online students have access to the full course. For those who are not members, Science Of Happiness 6 Week Course tuition is $100. An archived version will be available online for registered members only.
  6. Sluggish Thyroid.

    This is an old thread that was necro'ed, so not sure if anyone is looking for information, but the last round of free talks in this series ends on Sunday...well worth checking out
  8. How was the workshop? Also-- I am a long distance student of Kelley Graham. If you look at a few videos on his YouTube channel, you will see me spinning with a few people. Also, some of his lecture series-- you can hear him talking to me in a few of them. Sigung told me that his oldest son is here in Nashville. I wish I could get a workshop going here, though.
  9. What has TaoBums taught you?

    Wow...I thought I posted this last year or something-- add that I met some great connections as a result of coming here. Maybe in a few years, with Santiago and Tao's permission, I may be teaching my own spin on KAP in conjunction with my Taiji, kettlebell training, and nutrition programs. I also got to finally thank Kostas for writing the Mopai books, and get to joke with him weekly. So yes-- Tao Bums is whatever you make of it. I don't frequent the forums as much as I once did, but that's because I've made so many connections and learned so much information that now the time has come to ACT on what I have learned here.
  10. I haven't been on Facebook much lately, but I should be able to find them. I know Sifu Ashe was posting to his YouTube account. I am in Sifu Kelley Graham's distance program, but I think I may need to find a way to touch hands with people closer. It's not so easy to make it to Tucson regularly and my off days when I start my new job will be Friday-Saturday. I was originally planning to attend, though. I really wanted to meet Dasha. I've been a fan of hers even before I started trying to learn ILC.
  11. I wish that I had been able to attend the Western Retreat a few weeks ago. I am going to have to find a way to get out to Durham to practice with Ben's group sometime when I get back on my feet. It stinks that Sigung's son lives here in Nashville, but is not teaching.
  12. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Yes, I have power-- but if spring doesn't hurry and get here, I may not be able to stand another $700 electricity bill until my new "big boy" desk job with the state begins in April. Nashville Electric Service has been the bane of my existence lately...