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    Hello. I'm only somewhat a daoist. I do not understand the Dao as well as I could or as anyone else that's more knoweldged than myself, but I study both the Eastern and Western philosophies. I've also been a practitioner of Tai Ji Quan for about 3 or 4 years both martially and for health reasons. Perhaps, I concentrate too much on the martial aspect too often. However, I practice the form often and have the first lu memorized religiously. However, there are 4 lus. Though, I never seem to progress because I wish to improve heavily before moving on. I guess, I want to ask advice even in the intro, if it's okay. Whenever I see my classmates move, they wish to proceed fast and learn everything as fast as possible. I don't know why, but I disagree with this mindset. I take the time to learn the first and second lu very, very well without proceeding any further until I am confident of it... Though, I must admit, I feel that perhaps I am jealous that my classmates can remember the techniques so easily, but I cannot. I worry about the small details before proceeding and wish I can do so well. Does anyone have advice?